29 July 2009

Work in progress

I am happy to report that the walls in the nursery are now painted. If you have been a longtime reader of the blog, you will undoubtedly already know that anything involving paint is a bit hit or miss in our house. Our first painting project, a miniscule downstairs powder room, nearly resulted in divorce two years ago. Needless to say, we decided to hire a professional to paint the remainder of the house. Best. Investment. Ever!

While hubby is a genius when it comes to tinkering with technology and electronics, he will readily admit that painting is not his forte (not that I’m any more experienced myself). The problem stems not so much from an inability, but rather an over-cautious nature that prevents him from putting enough paint on the brush; this results in several additional hours (or days) of work...not to mention coats of paint. In the end, however, he got the job done and that’s all that matters.

I now find myself impatiently drumming my fingers (a nasty habit brought on by nesting) as we await the next step in renovating the nursery – adding the chair rail. Hubby made a successful trip to Home Depot last night to purchase some 2 1/4” pine rail and he will be painting it this weekend. We will have to wait for the actual installation because my Father-In-Law is away on vacation right now and we need both his guidance and coping saw to get the job done. I’m very antsy to see the room put together but beggars can’t be choosers and we’re certainly fortunate to have the help of a handyman in the family. My only grievance is that I’ve been put on the “invalid wagon” due to pregnancy and I’m not advised to paint or do any of the fun work. I’m not a “sit back and watch” kind of gal and it’s driving me up the wall. I want to play too!

As the belly grows and my feet disappear a little more each day, I find myself itching go shopping. I think my lack of help in the nursery leaves me feeling like I should be doing “something” to prepare. Being that I can’t set anything up until the renovations are done, I’m going to have to sit idle for a while longer. I suppose I could always occupy my time with more list writing….sad, I know! It’s probably a good thing that I don’t enjoy relaxing; I have a distinct feeling that life will be full steam ahead when baby is here.

27 July 2009

Curry Fury!

Once again I find myself the unfortunate victim of the dreaded and much-loathed “baby brain” syndrome. I thought it was simply an old wives’ tale …that is until I started placing milk in the pantry, cereal in the fridge and my eyeglasses in the closet. Let’s not even mention the plethora of words I seem to muddle up on a daily basis at home and the office. It seems that hormones have rendered me…well…dumb!

Tonight was perhaps the most tragic and beautiful portrayal of baby brain in all its glory – a wonderful curry supper ruined beyond repair….sigh.

Because I’m working long hours this week and hubby is busy painting the nursery (yay), I decided to be clever by treating ourselves to a $15 frozen homemade curry dinner that we picked up at the local farmer’s market over the weekend. It was a delectable Chana and I had been drooling over it the entire day at work – quick, nutritious and easy to reheat on a busy night. Sadly, my overactive hormones got the best, or rather the worst, of me.

In an attempt to thicken the curry, I decided to add a bit of cornstarch to the sauce, a fairly easy and standard procedure in cooking. Sadly, my baby brain failed to process the fact that I had grabbed baking soda off the shelf rather than cornstarch. I knew I messed up the instant the curry almost imploded. Picture a very hungry and cranky pregnant woman, uttering every creative expletive known to man and on the verge of tears (a reoccurring theme these days). FOILED AGAIN!

22 July 2009

The things we do for our children...

Some days I get a little bummed about the limitations of pregnancy and consequently I find myself clinging to the little things that are supposedly “okay” for me to do. I’m itching to paint the nursery but hubby is not a big fan of me being near the fumes…even though I have the steadier hand (sorry dear but its true).

Instead of getting to play with power tools and paint brushes, I have designated myself the oh-so-domesticated task of creating artwork for the nursery. While I could easily fork over cash for some run-of-the-mill animal prints and photos, I have opted to create my own fuzzy felt critters loosely based on the tropical animals on our crib bedding – eat your heart out Martha!

Each evening I find myself diligently drawing animals on the computer, making stencils, cutting felt and gingerly gluing each little piece in place under a frame. I don’t think I’d win any prizes for my creations but their beauty rests in their quirkiness and imperfections. And of course, nothing can replace the love, cursing and multiple hot glue burns endured by a proud and doting mother.

Pictures of the motley crew...

20 July 2009

The need to nest

I've heard about the nesting instinct before but had no clue it would hit me this early in pregnancy. While I’ve always been a neat freak and generally abhor clutter, I suddenly felt like our small home and all its contents were closing in on me this weekend.

On Saturday, I awoke with an overwhelming urge to deep clean the fridge and start removing everything from the nursery-to-be. Despite having made excellent progress, that afternoon brought about an attack of nerves, a sobbing fit and a big lesson on patience and understanding from my poor hubby. I still have another 10-12 weeks of gestation and yet I felt overwhelmed and far behind schedule in preparations. To make matters worse, I was convinced that I was a failure for not having everything 100% ready. Presto – I was hit with the infamous raging hormones of pregnancy.

In retrospect, both hubby (bless his soul) and I managed to get a heap of work accomplished this weekend: Deep clean the fridge, vacuum, wash the floors, dusting, laundry, weed the garden, cut the grass and do groceries. On top of all this, we also managed to sell the guest bed that was occupying the nursery; it was purchased and picked up within five hours of posting it on the internet for sale. Hubby also moved an old bookcase out of the room and into the basement to make way for new furniture. Mom and I also went on the hunt for a glider to put in the nursery; in the end we settled for a very comfy and beautiful set at BRU. The glider and ottoman are a gift from Mom and Dad and we are so grateful for the generous offer, which will undoubtedly be put to good use during those late night feedings and lulling baby to sleep.

I still have these anxious feelings that things need to be done “pronto,” but I keep telling myself to relax and take a deep breath. With a near-empty room, we’ll be able to start installing chair rail and painting the nursery soon (I think a small part of me will relax when that is done). To help me through this strange nesting process, I decided to draft up a “To Do” list of all the big items I hope to have accomplished by October. If anything, just checking off items on the list will bring me comfort and hopefully this will curb any future Mommy meltdowns.

17 July 2009

Market Day

The one thing I adore about working downtown Ottawa is my proximity to the Byward Market. While my speed walking days are behind me for now, I’m only a short bus ride away from lovely market stalls selling all sorts of goodies: flowers, fresh produce and assorted jewelry and handicrafts. A few days ago, a coworker wanted to go on a “veggie run,” so I accompanied her and was quickly reminded how easy it is to buy fresh, local and inexpensive.

These days hubby and I have been buying our produce at Sobeys. Usually the variety and quality is alright but it still doesn’t compare to buying direct from the farmers; you also can’t beat the freshness or price. Last Wednesday I bought some new baby potatoes that were plucked from the earth that morning; after one bite I was hooked. Seeing as it’s a beautiful and sunny Friday, I will be heading to the market during lunchtime to see whatever goodies I can stock up on for a pittance. Hubby is working in Hull today so he’ll be joining me on the gastronomic adventure; maybe we’ll hit up a cheese shop and butcher while we’re at it – yummy! While it’s not always convenient to shop around for food, I think we’re going to start making a conscious effort to buy more locally and help support our own economy. I’ll save my pineapples, oranges and avocados for the likes of US and Mexico.

I best get straight to work now and stop dreaming about food…not an easy task when you’re pregnant.

15 July 2009

Belly dance party

Not sure if I mentioned this already in a previous post but I am happy (I think) to report that I have reached the point where I can now see the baby kicking externally. I was a bit of a late bloomer when it can to feeling movement and hubby only felt his first kicks around the 24 week mark. It’s funny how things can change in a matter of weeks; there’s certainly no mistaking the little jabs and kicks now.

One of my favourite pastimes these days is staring at my stomach when “bean” goes through one of his Riverdance routines. The movement is especially noticeable when I wear a patterned shirt and can see the flowers or shapes expanding and contracting. I have no clue what he’s doing in there, but he always seems to be more active in the morning about an hour after breakfast; he also puts in another performance in the mid afternoon and before bedtime. So far it doesn’t hurt but I do find it a little disconcerting when he wiggles and I can feel him putting pressure on Lord only knows what internal organ. For now I’m enjoying the little bumps and jumps but I’m sure my opinion will change when both he and I are larger…Mommy only has so much room in her belly after all. I have a sneaking suspicion that he favours my ribs because that’s where I seem to feel the bulk of his activity - that should be fun in third trimester!

14 July 2009

Buh-buy paycheque

Last night hubby and I decided to make a dent in our list of baby gear/ items. It just so happened that the stroller we wanted was $100 off at Babies R Us, so we jumped at the opportunity to nab one while it was still in stock.

What was intended as a ‘quick’ stop, soon turned into an hour-long shopping trip. Upon learning that the crib we wanted is only available by special request, with an 8-10 week delivery period, we also opted to put down a deposit and place our order last evening. The final piece de resistance was that we were finally able to find the interactive Bright Stars play mat that we have long been searching for. Thankfully we got a rain check for this item back when it was on sale several months ago and BRU was still able to honour the old discounted price. Usually I’m not one to coupon clip or worry about a few dollars here and there, but I certainly will go out of my way for a $50 + savings off the original price. I’m quickly learning that children are expensive and it pays shop around for deals. While I joke about our dwindling bank account, we have been fairly wise with our purchases thus far.

Last night we were also able to scan a few more items to add to our registry. I tried to remain practical when browsing the shelves, mentally separating “stuff” from actual necessities. It’s hard not to get swept up in all the gadgets and bits and bobs, but then I remind myself that half of the baby items today didn’t even exist when I was growing up. There are a few silly items (like toys) that we scanned, however I think these are probably more for our own enjoyment and amusement - hey, I’ll be stuck at home with baby for an entire year…so what if I want a musical octopus with honking tentacles…?

With our crib ordered, a change table in the nursery-to-be and a stroller now occupying a corner of our garage, reality is definitely starting to sink in. I’m still not nervous; if anything I can’t wait to meet this squirming little bundle that has been sharing my body for the past 26 weeks now. That being said, he’s more than welcome to stay in there for another three months!

13 July 2009

Hello reality

Coffee…must have coffee!

I reluctantly dragged my heels into the office this morning, moaning and groaning the entire time. Next time I take a vacation, I vow to give myself one day to catch up and relax before returning to the office. I’m not entirely sure how productive I’ll be today; siftting through the 200 messages in my inbox was enough to wipe my energy.

Yesterday’s drive home was uneventful. The weather was fine and we made decent time up until we hit Montreal shortly after lunchtime (hooray construction season…not). We arrived in Ottawa around 3:00 PM, dropped mom off at her place, picked up the fur babies from my Father-In-Law’s place and finally returned chez nous. Between unpacking doing laundry, fetching groceries and tidying up, we didn’t actually get to put our feet and rest until well after 9:00 PM. Needless to say, last night’s bubble bath was absolutely heavenly.

Despite being cranky about having to come home, I am excited to get started on designing and shopping for the baby’s room. Now that the little guy is contentedly kicking away at my insides, it’s time that we started planning things in earnest. Until now, I have been reluctant to make any large purchases but I now feel confident enough to start looking ahead and making way for baby. The next three months are going to be expensive but if we space things out it should be easy to manage. We are already blessed to have found a beautiful second-hand change table ($10 for solid wood with barely a blemish) and my FIL has very generously offered to buy us a new crib. We are very lucky to have so much support and it seems that everyone in the family is excited to meet the little one. Exciting times are ahead!

And now for your viewing pleasure...a few vacation shots!

Our little slice of heaven

Whale by the sea

Hubby and I visit "Pinchy", an old friend

Never a dull view at the cottage

A perfect sunset from our deck

Potato fields and ocean in PEI

Beautiful views around every corner

New London Warf - replete with family memories

Jenn of Green Gables

My kindred spirit

Back of the cottage

Preggo at Caissie Cape, NB

Off the beaten path

11 July 2009

Half way home

Boooooo! I’m now sitting in my hotel room in Riviere du Loup and feeling quite grumpy about the end of vacation. It was difficult packing up our bags this morning and saying goodbye to our little slice of heaven; you should have seen the long faces. I guess all good things must come to end but at least we were able to escape the daily grind for a little while.

Thankfully we were blessed with decent weather today and hubby wasn’t stuck driving in the rain or torrential downpours – quite the contrast to our drive one week ago. Because the weather was on our side we also able to make good time today and arrived in RDL earlier than anticipated. I think we’ll probably just stick close to the hotel, relax and go out for dinner nearby. While it seems to be a cute little village, none of us seem overly inspired to go out and paint the town red. After six hours folded up in the car, the furthest I’ll make it this evening is to the pool for a leisurely float. Thankfully traveling during this stage of pregnancy has been pretty easy but I do find myself a little more impatient in the car and happy for a good stretch at the end of the day.

I don’t have anything else exciting to report. Things are winding down now; we’re back in Ottawa tomorrow afternoon and dreaded work on Monday morning – blehhh!

10 July 2009

Last day in paradise

I’m not sure what I’ll the most about this pretty little cottage by the sea - the views, the heady scent of salt on the breeze, waves splashing along the shore or perhaps simply the sense of peace and tranquility that washes over me. I think it’s these quiet moments that I savour the most, when I can sit in the stillness of morning while everyone is sleeping, dreaming away and letting my fingers fly over the keyboard. It is the quintessential “me” time - I don’t have to be a wife, a lover, a daughter or a mommy-to-be; I can simply be me, lone with my thoughts.

Sadly, today is our last day in paradise. Tomorrow morning we will pack up our bags and start heading towards Ottawa. I can already feel some of the work and home stresses creeping up on me and I keep urging myself to put it to the back of my mind and make the most of my last day here…not always an easy task for the eternal planner.

With the sun shining and the temperature increasing (go figure at the end of our vacation), I hear the beach calling my name. Yesterday hubby and I headed to Parlee Beach for a dip in the water and a walk along the shore. I have to admit that the experience always makes me a little nostalgic and I wish that my father could have been there with us. Being an Ontario boy through-and-through, hubby was a bit apprehensive when it came to jellyfish and so I found myself taking on Dad’s old role of “chief navigator” in the water…of course it doesn’t help that both Daniel and I are blind as bats.

Today we will probably be heading back to the beach although I may try Caissie Cape, a much quieter spot where my father used to take my brother and I fishing along the warf. There are simply too many beautiful spots around here and it’s really hard to choose what “must see” places I want to share with hubby. I have to remind myself that we can’t see it all in one week and that I came to know this area after countless years of visits. You could probably stay here a month and never get bored.

This afternoon we will also have a visit from one of my father’s old friends. Last evening we had a visit from another couple that Dad knew back in high school; it was wonderful to catch up and , as always, hear funny stories about all the trouble my father got up to as an adolescent. I swear these visits give me a stockpile of ammunition to use against Dad anytime he comments on my ‘questionable’ behavior. I can only hope and pray that my son does not take after his Grampy, otherwise I’m in for lots of gray hair early in life. I have a feeling his looks saved his hide more than once in his life.

Hubby is stirring now (and mom is still snoring) so I think I’ll be off for the day. This will probably be my final signoff from New Brunswick. It’s hard to think that this time next year, I may be back with a baby in tow and watching him experience his first dip in the ocean. It’s bittersweet but I look forward to bringing him back here and watching him experience all the joy and wonder that my brother and I did during our summers as children. Grammy and Grampy may be gone now, but this place will always feel like a second home to me.

08 July 2009

Anne's Land

Today hubby and I headed to PEI to drive the central trail and make our way towards Cavendish and the Green Gables shore. As always, I was astounded by the beauty of the Island and the vivid contrasts between the green potato fields, red earth and blue ocean. It was especially fun to watch Dan’s reaction, as this was the first time he had experience PEI by day. He drove through it at night several years ago during a road trip with some guys but now heartily agrees that the island in best enjoyed in the sunlight.

I can certainly understand how such a beautiful place would inspire the likes of Lucy Maude Montgomery. Just being there made me yearn to pick up a piece of paper and let my imagination take flight. Once again, hubby and I found ourselves slowing down to look at “for sale” signs and dreaming, as we often do, about where we would like to move if money and jobs were not an issue. Judging by the vast amount of homes for sale along the coast, I gather that many islanders are being hit hard by the recession and probably looking to get out to larger cities – what a pity! I guess we’ll have to wait to win the lottery to up sticks, move and start living the island life. For now I’m just grateful that we can even afford the luxury of renting a cottage by the sea and being able to travel.

Here is the “Coles Notes” version of what we visited today:

Silver Birch: Home to L.M Montgomery’s relatives. It was often a summer retreat for her and also the place where she got married and did a good deal of writing. This was a beautifully presented little museum with lots of original artifacts and interesting insight into how L.M. Montgomery lived and went about day to day. We pretty much had the place to ourselves so I took quite a few pictures. The grounds were equally secluded and beautiful with free carriage rides on offer around the infamous “Lake of Shining Waters”.

New London Warf: This is a perennial favorite in my family. The tiny town of New London boasts a picturesque fishing warf and an awesome little seafood restaurant overlooking the bay. I went deap sea fishing with Mom and Dad from this warf many moons ago and remember eating here with my Grammy and Uncle on her final trip to the island before she passed away. It was nice to see that nothing had changed and the food, as always, was wonderful. I enjoyed a delicious lobster roll with coleslaw and PEI potatoes and hubby and the haddock and potatoes.

Cavendish Beach: The water may be chilly but it’s hard to resist the call of the big dunes and rich red sands of Cavendish Beach. Dan and I slipped on our bathing suits and walked along the coastline; we didn’t swim but we dip dip our toes in….brrrrrr! Either way it was wonderful to stroll the shore, collect red rocks for my garden back home and feel the sunshine beating down on our pasty skin. I felt like a little kid again…albeit a very chubby one with my big pregnant belly hanging out of a bikini (yes….it sounds about as appealing as it looks).

Green Gables: This was the obligatory cheesy tourist stop and money trap. What can I say….you can’t grow up as a redheaded girl without living Anne of Green Gables. While the village is cute and the house is lovely, you can tell the place is designed to simply mill tourists in and out as quickly as possible. It would wonderful if they had more displays in Green Gables, such as signs that describe each room and how it factored into the books. Needless to say, hubs and I didn’t stay too long – just enough for a quick visit in the house, a walk down “lovers lane” and a picture of Anne and Gilbert in costume. I did, however, cave when we hit the book shop and purchased the entire box set of Anne of Green Gables books. I don’t think my son will want them but perhaps I’ll have my own little Anne some day to pass them along to.

With several more stops for pictures, tourist shops and the obligatory “Cows” ice cream, it was a full day. We capped the evening off by returning to the cottage and taking Mom out for dinner at the “Green House on Main” in Shediac. It was a little on the expensive side but the food was wonderful and the entertainment even better as Mom and I watched Dan tackle his first “real” lobster dinner.

So far, this has been my favourite day of our vacation. Tick the box and mark this down as a day I’ll remember forever. (sighs contentedly)

07 July 2009

Where the wild things are

Finally … a glorious day of sunshine! We only made it to 18°C and there was a chilly breeze coming off the bay so we opted for a trip into Moncton rather than the beach. Mom’s hip and legs are still very sore from the long car ride from Ottawa, so just hubby and I headed off to Magnetic Hill Zoo to walk and talk with the animals. While it isn’t a huge zoo, it is the largest one in the Atlantic provinces. Particular favourites of ours were: sleepy sea otters, wild Asian horses, silky chickens and capybaras. There were also few of the usual standards – lions, tigers and a very sketchy looking jaguar. Perhaps the funniest things we saw were gibbons (monkeys) that kept howling and singing at everyone. There’s nothing quite like a zoo to bring out your inner child.

Following our visit to the Zoo, hubs and I snagged a very cheap lunch at a local diner and browsed some of the tacky tourist gear on offer at Warf Village in Magnetic Hill Park. We decided to forego driving up the infamous “hill” (an optical illusion of sorts) because we did not fathom paying the extra $$ - not when I’ve seen it several times before.

We ended off a relaxing afternoon by driving the scenic route back to the cottage along the old Shediac Road. I still can’t get over how well I know the lay of the land here; I don’t ever need to pick up a map and know all the little zippy back roads thanks to countless road trips to and from the beaches with my father. Aside from Ottawa, I still think of Moncton and the surrounding area as a second home. Looking at the massive homes I could afford here, I find myself surreptitiously sneaking peaks at real estate listings…now if only I could find the same job with the same pay out here…

Tonight we enjoyed a nice BBQ dinner with some fresh corn and local potatoes, followed by a rowdy game of Yahtzee with Mom (hey…it’s cottage entertainment). Tomorrow’s plan – hubby and I are headed to PEI for the day to walk the dunes of Cavendish and visit my favourite little redhead and “kindred spirit” Anne of Green Gables.

06 July 2009

Memory Lane

Today was difficult. Mom, hubby and I went to Grammy and Grampy’s grave. I knew I would have a hard time, even ten years after Grammy’s death, but I don’t think even I was prepared for a complete emotional meltdown. Essentially, Grammy is the only Grandparent that I truly got to know growing up. My maternal Grandfather passed away before I was born and my maternal Grandmother followed when I was six years old. While I do remember my paternal Grandfather, Grampy, sadly the bulk of my memories recall him struggling with the aftermath of a very bad stroke that slurred his speech and weakened both mind and body. Needless to say, despite the long distance between Ottawa and Moncton, I latched on to my Grammy and adored every ounce of her. Some of my happiest memories from childhood involve whiling away hot summer afternoons on her porch talking until the sun went down. In my teenage years she was not only a grandmother but a friend and confidant. To be honest, I don’t think I’ll ever quite get over the loss. Being in the Maritimes is bittersweet – reliving my childhood in many ways but also painfully aware that I’ll never see her again.

With a first hard part of the day over (and several tissues later), we made our way past the old O’Brien house when Grammy was raised and lived until the day she died. It was a beautiful old home, replete with lots of happy memories. A part of me was very sad when the house was sold by my uncle and I wasn’t sure how I would feel seeing it again. Thankfully my face broke out into a wide grin when we rounded the corner onto John street – nothing much has changed. In fact, it looks like the new owners have kept the place neat and tidy; I know Grammy would love to see it that way. Hubby parked the car while I got out and took several pictures of the home. Had I the nerve, I would have liked to ring the doorbell to see if the new owners would let me snoop but it just didn’t seem right somehow; it’s their home now.

All in all, it was an emotional day but a necessary one. I feel like I had that “visit” hanging over my head and now I feel more at ease with myself. I know Grammy would have scolded me in that trembly Edith Bunker-like voice of hers, “Don’t be sad you fool, go out and enjoy yourself. Why not go for a walk and buy yourself a cute new outfit.” Don’t worry Grammy, that’s exactly what I did!

05 July 2009

Gale force

We have arrived at our cottage in Shediac and while I’d love to report about basking in the sun, we’ve had to settle for chill and rain thus far. As I type this message, a small gale is blowing in off the bay and I find myself wishing that I brought along a few more sweaters and long pants. I think the only thing saving my hide right now is the fact that I’m a good 10°C warmer than usual on account of being preggers.

Aside from some R&R, we haven’t managed to do much so far. Hubby and I went into Moncton today to grab some groceries and some greatly-needed “near beer” that we managed to forget back in Ottawa. I will also sadly admit that I wanted to grab a latte from Starbucks…nothing like slumming it right? During a rare stint of sunshine, we headed out to the nearby Point-Du Chene warf to check out some of the lobster boats and touristy shops. The pier looks great now! It was sorely in need of repairs several years ago; I think, however, that the shiny new appearance has something to do with the fact that they now charge $2 to park for the day. I’m not sure whether the recession has slowed down the tourism industry here or not, but I was surprised to see that the pier was nearly secluded on a Sunday afternoon during the Lobster Fesitval….sad really.

Off the get in my jammies now and grab a good book. I didn’t think we would have internet access, but it turns out my wizard of a hubby found us some (let’s leave it at that…wink, wink). With any lucky, the weather will clear in the next few days and I’ll be able to head for a daytrip to PEI. I need my Anne fix, my Cows ice cream and, of course, to sink my toes in the glorious red sand of Cavendish. Other musts while I’m here: fried clams, a lobster roll and copious amounts of fresh New Brunswick strawberries. It really is God’s country out here…heavenly, albeit a little too rainy for my liking right now.

03 July 2009

On the road

Greetings from a very cold and rainy Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec. It’s the first day of our family road trip to New Brunswick and it’s feeling more like fall than the summer. Hopefully things will clear up when we’re settled into the cottage and I’ll be able to bask in the sun by the ocean…either way the change of scenery will be nice.

Nothing overly exciting to report; the drive down was uneventful.
We hit several hard patches of rain but hubby is thankfully very comfortable driving in just about anything. The seating arrangements turned out okay. Mom could stretch her legs in the front and I wasn’t too cramped in the back – no leg problems. We stopped a few times to stretch of legs and sore bums, but aside from that we made pretty decent time on the road. Only 6-7 more hours tomorrow and we’ll be settled into ocean-front digs for the week.

Off to dinner now at St. Hubert, a perennial favourite with the French (and Mom).
After the grease I consumed at A&W today, not to mention a Tim Horton’s bacon breakfast sandwich (totally the baby’s fault), I’ll just happily settle for anything involving vegetables on my plate.

Ciao for now. Not sure whether I’ll be able to post throughout our adventures as the cottage doesn’t have internet access. If I’m feeling particularly industrious, maybe I’ll hook up from the local library. On the other hand, unplugging for an entire week might be just what the doctor ordered. I’m learning to relax, but it’s still a challenge.