23 July 2007

Back on track

It’s official, you heard it here…I’m still alive!

Regrettably I have broken the golden rule of successful blogging, “post often”.

To be perfectly honest, it seems as though I suffered from a horrible bout of writer’s block over the past several months - not the best situation for an aspiring writer and communications practionner.

Work has been keeping me so busy these days that I feel as though my mind is numb by the time I get home. Work, eat, clean, exercise sleep…work, eat, clean, exercise, sleep…rinse and repeat.

Perhaps I’m exaggerating slightly. Despite the typical weekday doldrums, life really hasn’t been all that bad. In late March, Daniel, myself, my brother and future sister-in-law went on a 9-day Southern Caribbean Cruise. The trip was blissfully self-indulgent…hedonism at its very best! We lived like kings and don’t regret it for a moment (except for those extra pounds gained at the chocolate buffet).

If you didn’t notice it already, I did say “Future Sister-In-Law”. As suspected, my brother popped the big question during the cruise. I don’t know who was happier, the future newlyweds or me?!? As we sat down to our first dinner on the ship, Lindsay coyly flashed her ring (which I have aptly named, Mr. Sparkle) and I had to contain myself from jumping up and down and screaming. We had a great celebration that night with a visit to the Champagne bar. It was a wonderful way to start off a memorable holiday.

Aside form cruising and living the good life, I also had the opportunity to travel to Halifax in May. Sadly, the bulk of my visit was spent attending scientific lectures in a hotel conference room for my initiative’s Annual General Meeting (a large undertaking for me), however I did have the opportunity to visit the Casino on the waterfront for dinner and took a nice stroll along Citadel Hill. Being back in the Maritimes felt very nostalgic; it made me think of countless childhood vacations and all the summers I spent with my grandmother. I love the East Coast and despite being an Ottawa native, I still feel very much at home by the sea. I smell retirement, do you?

With travel aside, this summer has been relatively busy. Daniel and I had the opportunity to attend two weddings in June. Almost everyone in our immediate group of friends has tied the knot. I must admit, it was nice only having two weddings this year. Last year felt like a marathon, with a grand total of seven weddings (including our own), preceded by three weddings the year before. Next year is gearing up to be enjoyable, with only my brother’s wedding in September. For now, it seems like the “baby-train” is well in motion for several couples. Very exciting times, however I don’t plan on joining that circle just yet. After all, I can barely even find time to write...I imagine that a child would be vastly more complicated! Even with my mother’s cajoling (she’s a baby nurse, folks), I am content to wait a while longer.

And now, for your amusement, some photos from the cruise:

The NCL Pearl

At the wine bar, of course!

Tahitian Pool, pre-annoying teenagers!

Spinnaker Lounge, ulta hip

All in the family, in bed at Bliss Nightclub

Summer Palace Dining Room

Welcome to Rousseau, Dominica

Beautiful bay in St. Lucia

Friendly fisherman in Anse-La-Raye

Les Deux Pitons, St. Lucia

Shoppers paradise in Antigua

beautiful beach

View from Fort James, Antigua

Hidden courtyard at Nelson's Dockyard

The Pearl

The effects of too much rum

Best pool loungers EVER!

A touching farewell show in th Stardust Theatre

With Captain Sveres Svodnes