27 July 2011

Life and the bits in between

By now, I’d be surprised if I still have any faithful readers left.
Hello out there?
I think I hear crickets…

So what exactly has been keeping me away from the blogosphere?
Life…specifically life with a very active toddler and a full-time job.

My daily routine, not counting weekends, has fallen into a fairly static pattern:

5:30 = wake up, shower, dress
6:00 = wake Drew, feed, dress
7:00 = drop Drew at daycare
7:30 = work until my brain hurts
16:00 = leave work to get Drew
16:30 = cook supper
17:30 = feed supper and clean up
18:15 = play with Drew (best part of day)
19:30 = get Drew ready for bed
20:00 = exercise or t.v.
22:00 = bath and book
23:00 = bed

We like to spice things up on Thursday evenings, by cleaning the house.
Exciting right?

Don’t be fooled by the routine, however, because life is actually anything but dull. For all the tedium of work and chores, we make up for it with laughter and precious moments spent with Andrew. We make the most of weekends by heading out together and exposing Drew to all sorts of new sights, smells, sounds and experiences. Hubby and I are also quite lucky to fit in a few date nights each month, thanks to very helpful parents that also love spending time with Drew. It’s a good life.

Even if we opted to sit around the house all the time, I don’t think life could ever be boring with Andrew in our midst. Even with a red-hot temper and epic tantrums, I am really enjoying Drew at this age. He is learning at an incredible rate and seems to soak up everything. He is quite talkative now and has started forming words into cohesive sentences. He has gone from being a baby, into his own little person and an active member of the family. We never quite know what to expect from him next, everyday is a surprise and something funny to look forward to. I relish this time so much and wish I could start my maternity leave now. I’ll readily admit that I’m not an infant person and spent a good deal of my maternity leave battling post-partum depression. Now those days seem like a haze.

I really ought to post more so that I can capture some memories from Drew’s childhood. As you can see, time is a bit of a premium.