21 September 2007

One year down and it’s only getting better…

This time last year, I was sitting at the spa with my mother having a manicure and pedicure done for my wedding. I recall that day with absolute clarity; I felt elated and absolutely relaxed. No nerves, no tears. Tomorrow, I would marry my best friend.

Almost one year later, I still get that same sense of glee when I think about my husband. Despite a hectic first year of marriage, it has been fun! We’re growing together, facing new challenges, and becoming closer with each passing day. I truly did luck out. I married a man who is my equal, my partner and truest confidant. Like anyone, we have our ups and down, but I really can’t complain; so far, my marriage has been an absolute joy.

These days I find myself feeling somewhat nostalgic. It’s difficult to comprehend how quickly time passes. In many ways I still see myself as a child, when in actuality life really is moving on. Marriage has changed me in some ways; it has made me more realistic, responsible and focused on the future. Marriage means having to act as a unit, being accountable not only to yourself but to your partner as well. Despite the fact it is only the two of us, we have formed our own family which will undoubtedly grow in a few years as we have children. The thought used to frighten me, but now I look forward to the future.

As my husband and I celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary, I look at life with increased enthusiasm. I can’t help but feel as though we’re just starting to crack the surface of a long and exciting story; we don’t know the full plot or the slate of challenges, but together I am confident that we will pull through and make this work.