29 January 2013

I have this friend...

You know your workday is going to be awesome when it starts out as follows:

  • You arrive late to the office because you are stuck behind a plow

  • You have to endure two hours of advanced French training, reviewing le plus-que-parfait

  • You eat a Kashi bar with renegade chocolate chips that break free and somehow magically slip their way under your posterior...completely unbeknownst to you.

  • You arise from your lightly-coloured chair only to discover a chocolatey surprise.

  • You endure a brief moment of panic and self doubt where you question whether your IBS suddenly kicked things up a notch

  • You make a hasty dash to the bathroom to clean your chocolate-bedazzled pants

  • You make another hasty dash back to your office to clean your chair

  • You have to explain to surrounding colleagues why you were running like a crazed fool

  • You ask another co-worker to examine your posterior for any possible leftovers

  • You sit in wet pants, on a wet chair, with only a dry toque between the two as a buffer.

  • You concede to the fact that your colleagues may very well call you "sweet cheeks" for the rest of your professional life.

  • Of course, this is all just a hypothetical situation. This couldn't possibly have happened to anyone with red hair...