25 June 2009

Dude…you’re on my bladder!

So I’m not really feeling kicks per say but every so often I’ll experience a pressure or movement inside of my belly. It’s subtle but it’s there nonetheless. Sometimes I like to compare the feeling to going over an unexpected bump in the road, one that makes your stomach lurch or wave. I doesn’t hurt but it certainly feels strange. The one thing that does annoy me, however, is when I suddenly feel a pressure on my bladder despite having relieved myself only minutes earlier. I have visions of junior contentedly dancing an Irish jig in there…gah!

All this “fun” leads me wonder how I’ll endure my road trip out to the Maritimes next week. Mom decided to come along with hubby and I after all, meaning that I am now relegated to the very cramped back seat of our car. We both need the leg room but she takes precedence seeing as she can’t actually bend her knees 90º. Cramped quarters, varicose veins and luggage for three in a clown car should make for interesting times. I guess I’ll just have to get out and stretch often. It’s not an ideal situation but it’s the only one that all three of us can afford right now. I’m not puffing or swelling up too bad right now and hopefully it will stay that way.

23 June 2009

Father's Day

A belated Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads and Dads-to-be out there that happen to follow or stumble upon my blog.

As you can imagine Sunday, June 21 was quite the affair at my place. Being that hubby is a first-time expectant father, I had to come up with some sufficiently cheesy gifts – a “Troubleshooting your Baby” book for the quintessential Geek / IT Dad, as well as a sickeningly sweet baby book for hubby to read to his son. La piece de resistance, however, was a beautiful letter that Baby T wrote especially for his father…in utero nonetheless …what a talented little guy we have!

Father’s Day evening was capped off with a family BBQ for my Dad and Father-In-Law. It was nothing overly fussy this time, just burgers, sausages and beers (a fake brew for me). That’s the wonderful thing about being pregnant, the ability to say “to heck with it,” and take a break from my typical gourmet endeavors. All that being said, I did spend several hours baking a Dark Chocolate Raspberry Layer Cake; I’m a glutton for punishment but it was sooooooo good! I also made a bean salad, macaroni salad and wicked crab dip. Overall it was a nice informal evening spent out on the patio; everyone had a great time and it was nice to have two fathers and one father-to-be sharing their special day.

I would also be remiss not to mention that “bean” got spoilt over the weekend. My Father-In-Law’s girlfriend, JM, surprised hubby and I with a beautiful hand-sewn quilt for the nursery. It is beyond beautiful and I never expected to receive anything like it. It took her several months to complete and the level of detail and embroidery is mind-boggling. I am deeply touched; “Bean” sure is lucky to have such lovely and generous people awaiting his arrival.

16 June 2009

A gift from Grammy

My worst childhood fear is now confirmed in pregnancy. As I stare at my blotchy purple left leg, I silently curse the little one growing inside of me, “I love you my Son… but what the $%*& are you doing to your Mommy’s poor body?”

I loved my parental Grandmother; the two of us were like peas in a pod during my long summer visits in the Maritimes. Grammy O’Brien was a beautiful woman with a dry sense of humor and a mind as sharp as a tack. Her only unfortunate trait, one that used to both fascinate and horrify me as a child, was the plethora of varicose veins that covered her legs. She told me they were due to a condition she developed during pregnancy and, even as child, I remember fiercely praying that the same fate would not befall me some day.

Try as I might to ignore it, every day I wake up to a new purple or blue splotch or blotch on my leg. The right leg is perfectly fine but the left in becoming a roadmap of veins. Thankfully they don’t pain me at all but I’m still haunted by images of my poor Grammy’s legs. I’m only at the halfway point in my pregnancy and I can’t help but dread what they will look like towards 40 weeks. Looks like I may be enduring Ottawa’s humid summer months wearing compression stockings....yay...

Mothers are infamous for saying, “your body ceases to belong to you during pregnancy,” and now I’m starting to believe it. While I’ve been very fortunate so far, I have to admit that this latest development really bums me out. I thought I would lovingly embrace all aspects of pregnancy and love my body as it changes but I find myself groaning every morning when I look in the mirror. I guess I’m coming to the reality that the “bloom” of youth is gone. I’m still young but there’s no putting things back 100% to the way they were.

In the end, I’ve just got to keep my eye on the prize - a healthy baby boy! Here’s hoping Mommy forgives him for the trouble he’s putting her through.

11 June 2009

Mrs. Waddlesworth

While there are still days that I don’t believe I’m pregnant, I can no longer hide the fact that my body can’t always keep up with my will. I came into this pregnancy in peak physical condition and, most-likely, in the best shape of my entire life. Despite my efforts to keep up a good exercise regime (to counterbalance my gargantuan diet), I find myself unable to endure the same physical challenges or endurance that I used to have. Namely, there’s no ignoring the fact that my feet are starting to swell after long walks and, an entirely new sensation, I actually get sweaty when the weather goes over 20ºC. This is quite a contrast to the girl that usually only stops shivering and removes her sweater once the thermometer hits 30ºC.

Today I attempted my usual 40-minute walk to and from the Byward Market during lunch hour, only to be greeted with aching calf muscles and an undeniable waddle to my gait. To make matters worse, it feels as though the baby may have shifted and was putting more pressure on my bladder. Usually I don’t have “potty issues” but today it seems like I have been running to and from the ladies room. Just picture this lovely image…a sweaty redhead, face as pink as the shirt she’s wearing, waddling and praying all the while that she won’t wet her pants. Yes folks, this is the “nitty gritty” of pregnancy, the fun stuff that your Mothers never tell you about. One day you feel you could run a marathon, the next you’re staring enviously at the spry 70-year olds tearing up the sidewalk.By the time I reached my final destination, Chapters, I must have looked a fright. I think I probably weirded out my fellow bathroom users by letting out am audible sigh when I sat on the blessed toilet.

After emptying my bladder and silently berating my son for putting me through such agony, I decided to browse the children’s section for some of my old favourites. I am embarrassed to say that I couldn’t make it past the Robert Munsch section without crying. After reading only one page of, “Love you Forever,” I was blubbering. Several tissues later, I was bogged down with a bag of not one but six children’s books to add to the nursery library. I’m bound and determined to teach this child to love reading, just as much as his father and I do. Some of my favourite memories from childhood involve being curdled up in bed by my Mother’s side listening to her read stories.

My walk back to the office proved to be just as enjoyable. Rinse and repeat the same scenario, although this time I was loaded down like a pack mule with my new purchases. I think I summed it up nicely when my boss saw me lumbering my way towards my office. “Are you okay?” he asked. “Perfectly fine,” I puffed, “…just pregnant.”

Something tells me this summer is going to be “fun”

01 June 2009

Pirates, dinosaurs and puppies, oh my!

This weekend the shopping bug bit…big time!Now that we know “it” is a “he,” I have unleashed my inner bargain maven. In an effort to make things seem more “real,” hubby and I celebrated the big news on Friday by looking for some baby boy outfits. While there certainly doesn’t seem to be as much selection as there is for girls, we managed to do pretty well for ourselves coming home with three adorable outfits consisting of dinosaurs, puppies and pirates.

On Saturday, our monthly expedition to Costo for toilet paper and laundry detergent yielded three more adorable sleepers. By Sunday, we began to have the makings of a very cute wardrobe with the gift of yet another cute dinosaur sleeper (and some washcloths) from our good friends M, L and baby C. Already this little one is so spoiled!

It’s truly amazing how much more fun it is to buy for a child, rather than buying for yourself. That being said, this Momma-to-be did not walk out of the mall empty handed herself; I boughtm a new pair of dress pants for work out of pure necessity…I love this kiddo, but he’s making me fat!