02 February 2014

Never a dull moment

Life with a four-year-old is exhausting, but certainly never boring.  Every day our mealtimes are peppered with questions, facts learned in school, and what can only be described at oddities.  I am always amazing by the dichotomy between childishness and maturity at this age. One second Andrew is spouting off some eloquently-phrased gem of wisdom, followed swiftly by robot noises or the proud announcement of flatulence.  It’s like living with someone with multiple personality disorder.

A few newly acquired oddities and phrases: 

  • Shocking people - Andrew loves to make use of the dry cold weather and the abundant static electricity that comes with it.  Just don’t let the kid near polar fleece…it’s not a happy ending for anyone.

  • Patriotism – singing the national anthem loudly and off-key while on the toilet.  I really should remind him that there are more appropriate places to play homage to our country.

  • Chilling – “I’m just going to chill here for a little bit.” Usually said while sprawled on the couch, fighting to keep his eyes open and avoid a nap.

  • Sugar – “Oh my God!  I LOVE sugar.”  Revealed in utter amazement, with slightly glazed eyes, after sampling the goods from a birthday party loot bag.

  • Possessiveness – “Where is MY baby?”  Yes, he thinks that the baby in my belly is actually “his” and that it is merely being grown by me until it comes into the world..."his" world. This will be the most over-protective big brother in the world.

  • Science – “Holy cow! I did science.”  The response I got one day after asking him what he learned at school.  He now thinks he is a master of all things science.

  • Birds and Bees – “How did that baby get inside your belly?”  My answers have all proved unsatisfactory to date.  “With love” just isn’t cutting it as an answer. Time to whip out the big gun answers I guess.

  • Despite the fact that I am pelted with a constant barrage of chatter, ill-timed jokes or questions, I wouldn’t swap out this stage of my kiddo’s development for anything. Because all these silly little things combined brighten my day.  And hopefully, this has brightened your day a little too.

    And now, for your viewing pleasure, here is kiddo learning about static electricity at our local science museum.  Note to self: Don't give your kid a buzz cut before this experiment...ruins the effect. The sheer look of terror, however, PRICELESS.  Here really did love it...I swear!