19 July 2012

Write off

Just got back from the collision centre and I’m sad to report that my beloved Tucson is broken beyond repair. The rails that hold up the engine are twisted and it would never drive the same. I’m gutted.

Going back and seeing the car, without the post-accident adrenaline rush, was pretty horrible. I had a chance to fully absorb the damage and ponder what could have happened had I stopped one fraction of a second later. I got teary-eyed as I took out the rest of my valuables and fished out the last of Andrew’s little traveling toys and trinkets. The Tucson was a wonderful family car and I’ll miss driving it.

Speaking of driving, I have yet to try it again since the accident. Thankfully we do have another car, although I’ll admit that I hate to drive it because I have become so accustomed to sitting higher up.  I know I have to work up the nerve, bite the bullet and have another go at it. My confidence is shaken and I’m apprehensive about now having to but another unfamiliar vehicle.  But running away from problem never helped anyone and I know this is just one more thing that I’ll have to work past. If my Mom could get back in a car after her horrible accident, I have little excuse.

So what now? Being chauffeured by a very loving and patient husband and feeling like I’m back at damn square one.  Oh course, the insurance company is also taking their sweet time in determining the payout for the car. If this goes on much longer, I’m going to have to settle for a rental until I can buy a new car. 

In the grand scheme of life, I know this is just a mere hiccup- albeit an expensive one. 

17 July 2012

Happy to be alive

It’s thanks to my guardian angel that I am able to make this post today. I had a very close call in an accident yesterday morning. I consider it a miracle that both I and the other driver walked away unscathed. My car is totalled, but I have to keep reminding myself that metal is replaceable, while people aren’t. I got to sleep in my own bed last night and hug my child, while I could have just as easily been lying in the morgue. I still get the tremors when I think about it. 

In short – I am at fault. It is a hard and horrible thing to admit. I was turning left at a busy intersection that unfortunately doesn’t have a protected left turn. Just opposite me was another large vehicle making a left turn as well. I thought I could see around him although my view must have been partially obscured. I proceeded to make my turn only to find a large commercial truck barrelling down on me. I stopped a fraction of a second too late and he attempted to swerve around me to avoid T-boning the car. The passenger side of his truck ended up hitting my front passenger headlight and continued to slice straight across the front of the car. It knocked the front bumper clean off as well as some of the hood, leaving my engine exposed. 

With adrenaline running on high, I was surprisingly calm and had the good sense to pull my car out of the intersection and onto the side of a road. After making sure my neck was okay, I hopped out and ran to the truck to make sure the other driver was alright – that was my chief concern. Thankfully, we both walked away without injury, albeit a bit of stiffness in my neck. My car was goner, while the truck had a few scratches and some flat tires. We were very lucky. A fraction of a second off and I could have been hit directly in the side. I doubt I would have survived because the truck was pulling a 1 ½ ton loaded trailer. When I stopped to survey the damage and was being looked over by the paramedics, that’s when it really hit me. I started crying and shaking. I could have killed someone, Drew could have lost his mother and Dan could have lost his wife. 

I understand that accidents happen, but I can’t shake the horrible feeling of knowing that it was my error. I could have sworn the way was clear; I turn at that intersection almost daily and just never imagined I could do something like this. I am lucky that I can live to tell the tale and learn from it. This has shaken my confidence as a driver but I’ve got to get back out there, provided insurance will even still be affordable. I am currently waiting to hear back from the auto body shop to see the final assessment of the damage. I wouldn’t be surprised if insurance decides to write it off. See image below.

And this is how it happened – my car is the black box and the red one is the truck.

Please everyone. Be extra vigilant on the roads. If there is ever any doubt in your mind when making a turn, don’t proceed. Be damned with the cars behind you and take your time.

03 July 2012

On the road again

Anyone out there? Hello?

Here it folks - proof that I'm still alive and kicking. I have been totally out of touch with the blogosphere these days. Not only have I been completely inactive in posting, I haven't even had a chance to read up on my favourite bloggers out there - a sure fire sign that work is dominating my life again.

I have been putting in an obscene amount of overtime in my new"ish" position at work. While many of you enjoy the lazy, hazy, dog days of summer, I'm up late writing speaking notes and turning my hair prematurely grey...no seriously, ask my hairdresser.

Event season is on. Normally I love working events but even I will concede that two biggies less than a week apart may well send me to the funny farm. On the plus side, I get to travel.  On the downside, the most I see is what passes by me from the airport to the event and back again.

I'll be heading to Calgary in two days for my first event. I'll be getting there on the opening of the Stampede but sadly, will not take in any of festivities. It's back to Ottawa on a red eye flight to spend a day with Andrew and remind him that he does, in fact, still have a mother.  Then its off to Vancouver for another event next week. I'm looking forward to the end of that one because I'm giving myself a rare day off to sightsee. I so rarely treat myself these days and hubby agreed that I day off was in order for me (and probably for him too because I haven't exactly been joyful to live with these past few months).

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm looking forward to the end of summer. Hopefully September will see a lull in event requests and a return to 'relative' sanity.