08 September 2011

Handsome devil

I just had to share this photo of my little charmer. He can be the very devil at times but when he shoots me this particular look, my insides turn to mush…damn smart and manipulative toddlers – LOL

This evening I quietly watched Andrew playing on the floor, driving his assortment of trucks and emergency vehicles up and down all over his play mat. I was suddenly overcome with a sense of sadness – where the hell did my baby go? When did he grow so fast?

I love this age to bits and, if I’m totally honest with myself, I don’t really miss the infant days. That being said, I wish I could press pause for a while. He has decided to start calling me “Mom” more than “Mommy” now and it makes me feel like we’re both too old for our own good. Darn …”Mom” is what I call my own mother.

07 September 2011


Those are probably the two most wonderful words when used in unison; thankfully they were also the result of my pathology report this morning.

I can’t tell you how nervous I felt this morning as I waited in the exam room to see the surgeon. I could hear my heart hammering in my ears and the minutes felt like hours. I knew that the odds were on my side but I couldn’t breath a sigh of relief until I was officially given the all clear. While thyroid cancer is quite treatable in most cases, I didn’t relish the thought of more surgery or possibly radiation. The big “C” word is scary and still hits a little too close to home in our family.

It is good to be putting this three-year chapter to rest. My shoulders feel lighter. Sure I’m missing half a thyroid out of the whole ordeal BUT it is a very small price to pay to finally have an answer. I got away lucky and I’ll always have a scar to remind me of just how thankful I am to be alive and healthy. That scar is also a reminder to always keep tabs on my health and to continue to go for annual physical exams.

I’m going to go home tonight and I’m going to hug my little boy just a little bit tighter and longer. My biggest fear out of all of this was the potential of becoming too ill to enjoy watching him grow.

Thank you to everyone out there for your warm wishes, words of encouragement and the multitude of appendages that you crossed in my honour.

To those out there that are undergoing surgery, waiting on results or battling disease, I wish you courage, strength and optimism. I often lack these own traits within myself, but I know that they can carry you further, farther, above and beyond anything else.