22 July 2009

The things we do for our children...

Some days I get a little bummed about the limitations of pregnancy and consequently I find myself clinging to the little things that are supposedly “okay” for me to do. I’m itching to paint the nursery but hubby is not a big fan of me being near the fumes…even though I have the steadier hand (sorry dear but its true).

Instead of getting to play with power tools and paint brushes, I have designated myself the oh-so-domesticated task of creating artwork for the nursery. While I could easily fork over cash for some run-of-the-mill animal prints and photos, I have opted to create my own fuzzy felt critters loosely based on the tropical animals on our crib bedding – eat your heart out Martha!

Each evening I find myself diligently drawing animals on the computer, making stencils, cutting felt and gingerly gluing each little piece in place under a frame. I don’t think I’d win any prizes for my creations but their beauty rests in their quirkiness and imperfections. And of course, nothing can replace the love, cursing and multiple hot glue burns endured by a proud and doting mother.

Pictures of the motley crew...

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