17 July 2009

Market Day

The one thing I adore about working downtown Ottawa is my proximity to the Byward Market. While my speed walking days are behind me for now, I’m only a short bus ride away from lovely market stalls selling all sorts of goodies: flowers, fresh produce and assorted jewelry and handicrafts. A few days ago, a coworker wanted to go on a “veggie run,” so I accompanied her and was quickly reminded how easy it is to buy fresh, local and inexpensive.

These days hubby and I have been buying our produce at Sobeys. Usually the variety and quality is alright but it still doesn’t compare to buying direct from the farmers; you also can’t beat the freshness or price. Last Wednesday I bought some new baby potatoes that were plucked from the earth that morning; after one bite I was hooked. Seeing as it’s a beautiful and sunny Friday, I will be heading to the market during lunchtime to see whatever goodies I can stock up on for a pittance. Hubby is working in Hull today so he’ll be joining me on the gastronomic adventure; maybe we’ll hit up a cheese shop and butcher while we’re at it – yummy! While it’s not always convenient to shop around for food, I think we’re going to start making a conscious effort to buy more locally and help support our own economy. I’ll save my pineapples, oranges and avocados for the likes of US and Mexico.

I best get straight to work now and stop dreaming about food…not an easy task when you’re pregnant.

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