07 July 2009

Where the wild things are

Finally … a glorious day of sunshine! We only made it to 18°C and there was a chilly breeze coming off the bay so we opted for a trip into Moncton rather than the beach. Mom’s hip and legs are still very sore from the long car ride from Ottawa, so just hubby and I headed off to Magnetic Hill Zoo to walk and talk with the animals. While it isn’t a huge zoo, it is the largest one in the Atlantic provinces. Particular favourites of ours were: sleepy sea otters, wild Asian horses, silky chickens and capybaras. There were also few of the usual standards – lions, tigers and a very sketchy looking jaguar. Perhaps the funniest things we saw were gibbons (monkeys) that kept howling and singing at everyone. There’s nothing quite like a zoo to bring out your inner child.

Following our visit to the Zoo, hubs and I snagged a very cheap lunch at a local diner and browsed some of the tacky tourist gear on offer at Warf Village in Magnetic Hill Park. We decided to forego driving up the infamous “hill” (an optical illusion of sorts) because we did not fathom paying the extra $$ - not when I’ve seen it several times before.

We ended off a relaxing afternoon by driving the scenic route back to the cottage along the old Shediac Road. I still can’t get over how well I know the lay of the land here; I don’t ever need to pick up a map and know all the little zippy back roads thanks to countless road trips to and from the beaches with my father. Aside from Ottawa, I still think of Moncton and the surrounding area as a second home. Looking at the massive homes I could afford here, I find myself surreptitiously sneaking peaks at real estate listings…now if only I could find the same job with the same pay out here…

Tonight we enjoyed a nice BBQ dinner with some fresh corn and local potatoes, followed by a rowdy game of Yahtzee with Mom (hey…it’s cottage entertainment). Tomorrow’s plan – hubby and I are headed to PEI for the day to walk the dunes of Cavendish and visit my favourite little redhead and “kindred spirit” Anne of Green Gables.

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