05 July 2009

Gale force

We have arrived at our cottage in Shediac and while I’d love to report about basking in the sun, we’ve had to settle for chill and rain thus far. As I type this message, a small gale is blowing in off the bay and I find myself wishing that I brought along a few more sweaters and long pants. I think the only thing saving my hide right now is the fact that I’m a good 10°C warmer than usual on account of being preggers.

Aside from some R&R, we haven’t managed to do much so far. Hubby and I went into Moncton today to grab some groceries and some greatly-needed “near beer” that we managed to forget back in Ottawa. I will also sadly admit that I wanted to grab a latte from Starbucks…nothing like slumming it right? During a rare stint of sunshine, we headed out to the nearby Point-Du Chene warf to check out some of the lobster boats and touristy shops. The pier looks great now! It was sorely in need of repairs several years ago; I think, however, that the shiny new appearance has something to do with the fact that they now charge $2 to park for the day. I’m not sure whether the recession has slowed down the tourism industry here or not, but I was surprised to see that the pier was nearly secluded on a Sunday afternoon during the Lobster Fesitval….sad really.

Off the get in my jammies now and grab a good book. I didn’t think we would have internet access, but it turns out my wizard of a hubby found us some (let’s leave it at that…wink, wink). With any lucky, the weather will clear in the next few days and I’ll be able to head for a daytrip to PEI. I need my Anne fix, my Cows ice cream and, of course, to sink my toes in the glorious red sand of Cavendish. Other musts while I’m here: fried clams, a lobster roll and copious amounts of fresh New Brunswick strawberries. It really is God’s country out here…heavenly, albeit a little too rainy for my liking right now.

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