11 July 2009

Half way home

Boooooo! I’m now sitting in my hotel room in Riviere du Loup and feeling quite grumpy about the end of vacation. It was difficult packing up our bags this morning and saying goodbye to our little slice of heaven; you should have seen the long faces. I guess all good things must come to end but at least we were able to escape the daily grind for a little while.

Thankfully we were blessed with decent weather today and hubby wasn’t stuck driving in the rain or torrential downpours – quite the contrast to our drive one week ago. Because the weather was on our side we also able to make good time today and arrived in RDL earlier than anticipated. I think we’ll probably just stick close to the hotel, relax and go out for dinner nearby. While it seems to be a cute little village, none of us seem overly inspired to go out and paint the town red. After six hours folded up in the car, the furthest I’ll make it this evening is to the pool for a leisurely float. Thankfully traveling during this stage of pregnancy has been pretty easy but I do find myself a little more impatient in the car and happy for a good stretch at the end of the day.

I don’t have anything else exciting to report. Things are winding down now; we’re back in Ottawa tomorrow afternoon and dreaded work on Monday morning – blehhh!

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