14 July 2009

Buh-buy paycheque

Last night hubby and I decided to make a dent in our list of baby gear/ items. It just so happened that the stroller we wanted was $100 off at Babies R Us, so we jumped at the opportunity to nab one while it was still in stock.

What was intended as a ‘quick’ stop, soon turned into an hour-long shopping trip. Upon learning that the crib we wanted is only available by special request, with an 8-10 week delivery period, we also opted to put down a deposit and place our order last evening. The final piece de resistance was that we were finally able to find the interactive Bright Stars play mat that we have long been searching for. Thankfully we got a rain check for this item back when it was on sale several months ago and BRU was still able to honour the old discounted price. Usually I’m not one to coupon clip or worry about a few dollars here and there, but I certainly will go out of my way for a $50 + savings off the original price. I’m quickly learning that children are expensive and it pays shop around for deals. While I joke about our dwindling bank account, we have been fairly wise with our purchases thus far.

Last night we were also able to scan a few more items to add to our registry. I tried to remain practical when browsing the shelves, mentally separating “stuff” from actual necessities. It’s hard not to get swept up in all the gadgets and bits and bobs, but then I remind myself that half of the baby items today didn’t even exist when I was growing up. There are a few silly items (like toys) that we scanned, however I think these are probably more for our own enjoyment and amusement - hey, I’ll be stuck at home with baby for an entire year…so what if I want a musical octopus with honking tentacles…?

With our crib ordered, a change table in the nursery-to-be and a stroller now occupying a corner of our garage, reality is definitely starting to sink in. I’m still not nervous; if anything I can’t wait to meet this squirming little bundle that has been sharing my body for the past 26 weeks now. That being said, he’s more than welcome to stay in there for another three months!

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