27 July 2009

Curry Fury!

Once again I find myself the unfortunate victim of the dreaded and much-loathed “baby brain” syndrome. I thought it was simply an old wives’ tale …that is until I started placing milk in the pantry, cereal in the fridge and my eyeglasses in the closet. Let’s not even mention the plethora of words I seem to muddle up on a daily basis at home and the office. It seems that hormones have rendered me…well…dumb!

Tonight was perhaps the most tragic and beautiful portrayal of baby brain in all its glory – a wonderful curry supper ruined beyond repair….sigh.

Because I’m working long hours this week and hubby is busy painting the nursery (yay), I decided to be clever by treating ourselves to a $15 frozen homemade curry dinner that we picked up at the local farmer’s market over the weekend. It was a delectable Chana and I had been drooling over it the entire day at work – quick, nutritious and easy to reheat on a busy night. Sadly, my overactive hormones got the best, or rather the worst, of me.

In an attempt to thicken the curry, I decided to add a bit of cornstarch to the sauce, a fairly easy and standard procedure in cooking. Sadly, my baby brain failed to process the fact that I had grabbed baking soda off the shelf rather than cornstarch. I knew I messed up the instant the curry almost imploded. Picture a very hungry and cranky pregnant woman, uttering every creative expletive known to man and on the verge of tears (a reoccurring theme these days). FOILED AGAIN!

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jacqueline clarke said...

I'm big fan (and longtime lurker) in your blog :) and I know it's not funny -regardless of the coffee I just got all over my computer- and just wanted to say hi and sorry about the baby brain!