03 July 2009

On the road

Greetings from a very cold and rainy Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec. It’s the first day of our family road trip to New Brunswick and it’s feeling more like fall than the summer. Hopefully things will clear up when we’re settled into the cottage and I’ll be able to bask in the sun by the ocean…either way the change of scenery will be nice.

Nothing overly exciting to report; the drive down was uneventful.
We hit several hard patches of rain but hubby is thankfully very comfortable driving in just about anything. The seating arrangements turned out okay. Mom could stretch her legs in the front and I wasn’t too cramped in the back – no leg problems. We stopped a few times to stretch of legs and sore bums, but aside from that we made pretty decent time on the road. Only 6-7 more hours tomorrow and we’ll be settled into ocean-front digs for the week.

Off to dinner now at St. Hubert, a perennial favourite with the French (and Mom).
After the grease I consumed at A&W today, not to mention a Tim Horton’s bacon breakfast sandwich (totally the baby’s fault), I’ll just happily settle for anything involving vegetables on my plate.

Ciao for now. Not sure whether I’ll be able to post throughout our adventures as the cottage doesn’t have internet access. If I’m feeling particularly industrious, maybe I’ll hook up from the local library. On the other hand, unplugging for an entire week might be just what the doctor ordered. I’m learning to relax, but it’s still a challenge.

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