17 December 2009

Case of the catnapper

While I can’t complain about Drew’s nighttime sleeping habits (knocks on closest piece of available wood), day naps are an entirely different story.

It seems like the bulk of my day is spent either (a) fighting to get Drew down for a rest because he’s getting overtired or (b) living out the oh-so-glamorous role of “human bed.” No matter how hard I try, no matter what soothing tactic I use, this kid is a horrible napper. He may have the odd sleepy day, that’s how I get to make blog posts after all, but most of the time my arms are occupied with a very tired little lad that won’t shut his damn eyes.

At two months of age I can’t start any sleep training or the “cry it out” method; right now I’m pretty much at his mercy. I have, however, started to simply put him down while he’s sleepy but awake, let him fuss and go in to sooth without picking him up…God bless the pacifier. Sadly, he hasn’t learnt to keep his paci in his mouth so I have to hold it in until he gets drowsy. Sometimes it takes a few attempts, other times it doesn’t work at all without some extra rocking and holding. My biggest fear is that Drew won’t become a self soother. I don’t mind rocking him a little but I don’t want him to view me as a daybed for his entire infancy. I’ll probably start some form of real training after 4 months, should he be ready for it. I have a feeling that the crying will be harder on me than him.

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