18 December 2009

My BIG oily baby

Intriguing title is it not? Not far from the truth either.

Today hubs and I met another milestone in parenthood; we survived Drew’s first round of vaccinations. He had three shots in total and an oral vaccine for Rotavirus. While he did the customary screaming and hollering for the needles, he calmed down fairly easily once I had him in my arms. (Hooray for Mommy magic) As for the oral vaccine, he would have happily gobbled a full cup of the stuff…my little porker.

Speaking of porkers, guess how much “little” Drew weighs? He’s a whopping 13 lbs 2 oz, which is roughly the average size of a three-month old. Considering Drew is just going on two-months tomorrow, my jaw dropped when the nurse called out his weight. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised as he’s also topping the growth charts for length at 24 1/2 inches. If he keeps up at this rate, he’ll be patting me on the head before I know it.

The rest of our two-month checkup went well; Drew is thriving and in excellent health. The only little issue we have to deal with is trying to clear up some cradle cap that has developed over the past few weeks. The poor little guy has been losing his beautiful red hair due to an increasing number of dry, scaly patches. Tonight we decided to tackle the problem head on (cheesy pun intended) by moisturizing the heck out of his head. As I type out this post, Drew is currently napping in our bed with his head slathered in olive oil. Nothing says fun like spending a Friday night in with hubby, greasing up the baby’s head.

I best be off now as it’s time to throw a sleepy baby into tub and “hopefully” down for a very long sleep tonight. I’m sure it was a very harrowing day for the poor little rascal.

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