08 December 2009

BIG boy

It has recently come to my attention that Andrew is quite the “sturdy” boy for his age. While 13 lbs is supposedly the average for a three-month old, I’m fairly certain that my chunky little monkey has already reached 12 lbs at only seven weeks of age. I wouldn’t call him fat but he certainly is long with a very healthy appetite. He has already outgrown some of the 0-3 sleepers and I have almost been tempted to cut the feet off of several of his cuter outfits. I have a feeling he’ll be taking after the tall men on hubby’s side of the family. Before I know it, Drew will be looking down on his tiny little mother and patting her on the head…sigh.

Things have been going better as the days go by. Drew certainly has his bad moments but either (a) he’s getting slightly better or (b) I’m becoming more confident and in tune with his cues. It seems like we’re falling into some sort of routine and rhythm. It’s nice to get the odd smile and coo from him now; it warms the heart and makes me feel like a good Mommy. Honestly, the best part of my day is during diaper changes, post feedings. I got into the habit of turning diaper time into “fun time” with silly songs and rituals. In a matter of a week I went from having a baby that screamed on the change table to one that smiles and interacts with me. Suddenly I find myself looking forward to poop!

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HamiHarri said...

I'm happy to read that your days together are improving :) I do love reading the honesty in your posts...so I really hope you continue to share your experiences. It gives me, a new mom to be, a good learning experience before I'm faced with it myself.