02 December 2009

Return to sender

Just Kidding!

Thankfully, after a long talk with Drew and many threats that he wouldn’t make Santa’s “Good” list, he decided to grant me a lovely calm day.
To reward him for his efforts, I dressed him in a ridiculous outfit and dumped him in a box. There’s nothing that screams “Happy Holidays” more than shoving your newborn baby boy into a wrapped parcel for a gratuitous Christmas card photo. Are we mean parents?

Oddly enough, this experiment yielded some interesting results.
Not only is Drew a big fan of kicking cardboard boxes, he also LOVES to crinkle tissue paper. Had I known that my boy would be pleased by something so simplistic, I wouldn’t have bothered buying his bouncer…swing…rattles…you get the point…

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HamiHarri said...

Soooo cute!