28 October 2009

Night Owl

It turns out yesterday’s fears were confirmed last evening. A day-sleepy baby = a howler at night. Poor hubs and I subsisted on very little sleep last night. While Dan was up and dealing with Andrew in an attempt to let me rest and heal, I still couldn’t cobble together a decent night’s sleep because of the intermittent crying and fussing. I’m actually starting to wonder if Andrew prefers his crib to the bassinette that we keep in our room at nights. He day sleeps quite well in his crib and seems to go down for longer periods of time. While I didn’t plan to move him out of our room so early, I may try it one evening this week to see how we all fare. I can still hear the slightest whimper from my room even when he’s in the nursery and I’ll make sure to blast the baby monitor all night…preferably next to hubby’s ear…

While hubs and I are still trying to figure out the enigma that is Andrew, we have a sneaking suspicion that the little mite could be going through a growth spurt.
All of a sudden he is crying for food earlier than every three hours. We have been going through the mental checklist: diaper, play, rocking, gas? If he is still not appeased and appears to be rooting and acting fussy then we’ll allow him another bottle. So far he has gulped down everything we have given him. I’m a little concerned about overfeeding as this guy loves the bottle; whether it is formula, pumped milk or both combined, he is an absolute chow hound. Because we have ramped him up with a few “bonus” feeds today, I’m really hoping this will help him sleep a little longer at night. I actually tried to keep him up after his feeds this afternoon but he was having none of it. I’m starting to think it’s next to impossible to get any sort of schedule down this early in the game. For now we are simply surviving from day to day and making sure to laugh our way through the more trying times. As my mother used to say to me as a babe, “It’s a good thing you’re cute!” Funny that I now find myself repeating the same mantra to my own child. Having children of your own truly makes you appreciate the work your own parents had to endure.

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