27 October 2009

Feeling more human

After a decent night’s sleep and a calm morning, I’m feeling a little more like the old me today. I’ve pumped twice already, even though I loath it and I managed to get in a little quality time with hubby just playing around on the computer and watching T.V. I’m hoping that Andrew won’t be wild this afternoon and evening because he’s power sleeping during the day…fingers crossed!

No big plans today other than whatever our little guy decides to throw at us. I am still determined to decorate for Halloween although we will be scaling back this year – no fog machine and no dead body hanging from the spare room window (seeing as it’s the nursery now). If things keep running smoothly, perhaps hubs and I will tackle a few pumpkins this evening. Andrew doesn’t really have a costume because he won’t be trick-or-treating just yet, but he does have a Halloween sleeper and pumpkin hat. I think next year he’ll be a dinosaur.

Nothing else exciting to report. I finally managed to upload more photos from the delivery and Andrew’s first week in the world. Friends and family can check it out: CLICK HERE.

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