29 October 2009

I was baptized this morning

This morning I “enjoyed” every parent’s right of passage – I was baptized during the morning diaper change.

I thought I was too clever for little Andrew. He tried to pee on me yesterday but I quickly threw down a facecloth over his man bits and boasted about my quick thinking. Turns out my bragging rights wouldn’t last long as the little stinker outsmarted me this morning. He was pumping his legs so furiously that he managed to work the facecloth off his bits and, I swear to God, he pointed the thing right at me…you get the rest of the picture. He also managed to get a bit on the carpet, although I bore the brunt of the assault. Not only was the peeing enough, he also decided to poop in tandem. In my shock, I ended up letting go of one of his heels which he promptly decided to drag through the poop. And what was my reaction to all this? Surprisingly, I couldn’t stop laughing! I looked a fright and I’m sure I smelt it too but it was still hilarious. The funny part – hubby never gets these types of poops. He is slower at diaper changes and doesn’t take care to cover the “pee pee cannon” and yet little Andrew has yet to bestow that same gift upon his father…men stick together I guess.

To end Andrew’s “show” for the morning, he also decided to burp up some milk on my neck. It was clear what my plans were once I got him back to sleep – SHOWER TIME!

Mom will be watching the little monster for a few hours this afternoon while Dan and I head out for some much needed fresh air – AKA Costco run. I hope to God he behaves! I have only left the house one other time without him and I spent the bulk of my time wondering whether he was behaving or not. So far, he has saved the bulk of his fussiness for hubs and I.

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