06 August 2009

Things are looking up; the head is down

I went for my 29 week prenatal appointment today and found out some good news. My gestational diabetes test came back negative, the baby has a good heartbeat, my fainting spell was perfectly normal and the baby’s head is facing downwards. It looks like mother’s intuition, or rather the pain in my ribs, was accurate. The good news – he’ll probably drop more in about three weeks and put less pressure on my ribs; the bad news – he’ll just shift the pain to somewhere else. To my understanding, comfort is somewhat of a rarity in the third trimester.

I am also happy to report that the chair rail was successfully installed in the nursery last evening. Hubby just has a few more touch up jobs to do this evening and then the room will be ready for the crib this weekend. I’m very pleased with the way everything is turning out. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your ideas and sketches come to life, especially when everything meets or exceeds your expectations. I’ll be sure to post some photos this weekend when things are a little more “pretty”.

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