09 August 2009

Nursery News!

Don’t I look so cookie-cutter 1950’s housewife (complete with Mumu I might add)?

As you have probably discerned from my photo, the nursery is now well on its way!
I am absolutely thrilled with the way things are turning out and it’s wonderful to see my ideas become a reality. Hubby is extremely relived to be done with the painting and has claimed, “Never again!” (Not to having more children, just “never again’ to painting).

With the nursery is order, I have finally been able to start organizing my little nest for baby.
I washed a stored away a ton of clothing, face clothes, crib sheets, hats, socks, booties…you get the picture. With the aid of an inexpensive closet organizer and some cute wicker storage pins (which I fancied up with some ribbon), everything is now neat and tidy.

There are still two outstanding pieces of furniture that we are waiting on – a 4-drawer dresser and a beautiful glider; hopefully they will arrive before mid-September.
I still have to make some artwork to go above the change table (our infamous $10 find), but I have a few cute ideas floating around.

Without further ado, here is our little nest in the making:

The bland room before renos

Looking in through the door

Cute place to change dirty bottom

I dub the look, "Sophisti-Zoo"

Who says a boy can't have clothing?

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