04 August 2009

Oh, the old gray mare, she ain't what she used to be

The August long weekend has come and gone and it leaves me feeling a wee bit anxious about how quickly the summer is flying past. Before I know it, I’ll have reached the single-digit countdown to bean’s birthday…yikes!This past weekend was productively spent pulling weeds, cleaning edges, trimming shrubs and generally pushing my body beyond its third trimester limits. I learned of my faux pas on Saturday night when it seemed that every joint in my body ached or locked up…fun times! On the up side, my garden looks fantastic!

On Sunday I baked up a homemade rhubarb and strawberry galette – a French open-faced pie/ pastry. Thankfully I scored a lovely bundle of fresh local rhubarb at the farmer’s market and had been dying to remake this old classic. I think Grandp√®re’s baker genes must have brushed off on me a little because the pastry turned out perfectly and it was promptly gobbled and enjoyed by our company that evening. Did I ever mention that I love baking? I think if I won the lottery, I’d up sticks, move to France and start studying to become a pastry chef. Of course, hubby is a strong advocate of this dream!

We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner party with good friends M, L and the ever-so-cute baby C. These brave folks had just returned from a month’s vacation in Australia…with a nine-month old! I think that feat alone should get them out of having to cook any meals for a few weeks! We were happy to oblige and enjoyed hearing about their adventures and seeing some of their beautiful photos. Once again, Bean was spoiled by his future godparents who purchased him a hilarious Australian souvenir – an “iPood” sleeper (spoof on the iPod).

I am both ashamed and proud to admit that I spent the bulk of holiday Monday alternating between sitting on my posterior with a book in hand and passed out sleeping on the sofa. I have a feeling that I’ll be needing more of these siestas during my third trimester; I just now have to convince myself that it’s “okay” to be lazy and that I “should” be taking more breaks on the weekends.

This morning I reluctantly returned to work, feeling as though I needed yet another day of R&R. I had a bit of a scare in the car with hubby, who was thankfully driving me into the office. All of a sudden I was overcome with nausea and hot flashes; it wasn’t long before my vision started blurring, my breathing became shallow and my hearing was off – all the telltale signs of a fainting bout. I almost blacked out but thankfully pulled through with the AC blasting on my face and focusing on getting as much oxygen to my lungs as possible. I’ve been known to have a few fainting spells in the past (vasovagal reactions to the odd needle) but this was a first during pregnancy. Poor hubby was terrified and pulled to the side of the road until I composed myself. I decided to come into to work and write it off as yet another pregnancy symptom that can happen in the third trimester. At any rate, I will mention this to my OBGYN at this week’s prenatal appointment. I suppose it also wouldn’t hurt to have my iron levels checked (while could account for my sudden tiredness over the weekend). I certainly hope fainting doesn’t become common during my last few months of pregnancy – I hate the feeling!

On a happier note, my Father-In-Law is back from vacation and has offered to come over and help hubby install the chair rail in the nursery tomorrow evening. I am positively thrilled that I’ll finally be able to start setting up the crib and organizing some of the room this weekend. I’ll also be happy to have my loft back and not have to negotiate piles of boxes and furniture anytime I want to check an email.

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