22 May 2009

Bouncing bean and the in-between

I’m excited to report that I think I’m starting to feel the baby kick. I have been getting a subtle fluttery feeling in the lower left side of my abdomen for the past week. I tried to write it off as things ‘stretching out,’ but repetition is starting to convince me that the little bean is making his/her presence known…AKA hopping around like a wild jackrabbit.

At just over eighteen weeks, there are times where I certainly don’t even look or feel pregnant. I’m still mostly bloat in the evenings after dinner and exercise. It’s a little annoying being stuck in limbo phase where people can’t decipher whether you’re (a) packing on the weight from too many cheeseburgers or (b) actually growing a human being. I was almost overjoyed today when the Barrista at my local Starbucks asked me if I was expecting…come to think of it, she does see me several times each week and probably noticed my sudden shift to decaf lattés. Either way, my heart still soared because I finally had someone guess without having to tell them or without resorting to jutting my stomach out at a ridiculous angle. If I’m going to get fat, I want people to recognize that it’s for a darn good reason!

In other exciting gestation news, hubby and I are scheduled for our ultrasound on May 29th to find out the gender of the baby. I’d be lying if I said that I feel completely neutral on the topic of gender – I want a little girl so very much! That being said, I will love whatever the good Lord sends me and I thank my lucky stars that I was even able to get pregnant in the first place. Besides, nowadays you can dress boys in cute little sundresses right? (I joke…maybe…)

Pregnancy aside - yes folks I have a life outside of all this baby stuff - work is keeping me insanely busy these days. I have been spending the better part of the last few months organizing our Annual General Meeting which will be taking place the second week of June in Montreal. It’s a very large and time-consuming project, but I always work well with the stress of event planning. Organization is my forte and I love trying to best myself each year and find new ways to do things better / more efficiently. Thankfully “baby brain” hasn’t been hindering my productivity too much. I’ll be glad when this event is over and I can wind down on vacation in the Maritimes; by then it will be well-earned rest!

Speaking of Vacation, I’m sad to report that I don’t think Mom and Dad will be joining us at the cottage. I don’t think Dad will have the mobility to travel that far. I do, however, chuckle slightly at the thought of hubby driving a vanload of invalids halfway across the country – Mom and Dad with canes and crutches and myself undoubtedly waddling like a duck and peeing every five minutes. Come to think of it, poor hubby would probably need a vacation from all of us!

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