25 May 2009

Dad discovers internet selling…

It seems my father has discovered the joy of selling off old family heirlooms on the internet. Now that it’s just he and Mom left at home and they ‘hopefully’ intend to move into a smaller home, I think he is starting to realize the benefit of downgrading the amount of random “stuff” he has managed to keep / accumulate over the years. A bit of a packrat, Dad is from the old school train of thought of, “Hey, maybe I should keep this because it could be useful later”. Inevitably, years later the same ‘valuable’ item is sitting in the basement collecting mounds of dust. Judging by hubby’s growing amount of spare computer parts in my own basement , I’m starting to think this clutter thing is a man issue.

I must say, I’m proud of Dad’s brave new leap into the world of internet selling. A few weeks ago, he finally managed to rid himself of an old Casio keyboard that was purchased as a Christmas gift for my brother when we was, let’s say, ten years old. I guess $50 in your pocket isn’t too bad for an old 1980’s relic; never mind the fact that he probably could have sold it two years after purchase for close to top dollar when my brother and I, like most fickle children, completely abandoned it for newer and cooler toys.

Today, however, I must admit that I got a little misty eyed over Dad’s latest online commercial venture. He has put my most beloved family heirloom up for sale – the family “pimp coat”. Circa late 1960s/ early 1970s, this coat has been passed between both my brother and husband as a much-treasured Halloween accessory. Just think, you could own this little slice of my family history for only $75!

Here you can see my husband (and some strange woman) modeling the coat in all its glory. Please note that the coat does not include the fur mink (that was on loan from my wonderful mother-in-law). Come to think of it, this picture is a bit of relic itself. So… any takers? Anyone?

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