18 May 2009

Vows and surgeons

Very busy long weekend and sadly not much time to write an update.

I was Matron of Honour in a wedding on Saturday.
  Despite some minor glitches with the decorator, the usual wedding day stresses and some pretty nasty / rainy weather, everything turned out lovely in the end.  God must have been smiling down upon me because I “just” fit into my dress….phew!  I tried to stick it out the entire night but after about twelve dances or so my body gave up on me and it was time for a seat.  I ended up staying until midnight, although the bride and groom were still partying hard when I left.  Good times and glad they had fun!

Aside from wedding fun, the other half of my weekend was spent at the hospital.
  I found out, five minutes before leaving for the Saturday’s ceremony, that Dad was admitted to the hospital because his right quadracept muscle needed to be re-operated.   As it turns out, the first surgeon totally botched the job and everything came undone.   He went in for surgery, again, this morning and is now sporting a full leg cast.  He will be wearing various casts over the next eight weeks, then starting the long road of physio.  They wanted to boot him out of the hospital today but the entire family, Dad included, put its foot down and said, “No way!”  What an adventure this silly little accident back in February has led to.  I seriously hope that the second time is a charm.  I am bound and determined that the next visit to hospital will be for a happy occasion – the birth of the baby!  In the meantime, I think I will invest in a  large protective plastic bubble to store my parents in for the coming months.

And there you have it – a fun and not-so-fun long weekend. 

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