23 March 2009

Farewell mid-twenties

Tomorrow I celebrate (or mourn) twenty-eight years on this earth. I’m not sure why, but “28” creeps me out a little because I will no longer qualify as being in my mid-twenties. I will officially and irreversibly be in my late twenties….gasp!

I don’t necessarily want to hide under a rock, but I’m a little less reluctant to celebrate my birthday to the same degree as I would have as a teenager. I haven’t asked for anything from my family members; I didn’t even want to have a special dinner. Essentially, I just don’t want t a big fuss from people this year. Hubby is perfectly content eating three cakes and dragging his B-Day festivities over an entire week, but I honestly find it kind of tiring. As I get older, I find myself turning into a “one off” or “under the radar” kind of person. It feels strange celebrating a day that I essentially had no influence over – instead I feel like my mother should get the gifts and praise for having to push me out! It really wasn’t much work on my part when you think about it.

I still haven’t a clue what people plan on getting me. There is honestly nothing I want other than to let it slip by quietly and without the usual fanfare.

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