24 March 2009

Older, not wiser

Tack on another wrinkle and varicose vein; today I turned twenty-eight!

So far I’m having a decent birthday. I woke up with a nice card from hubby, followed by a new I-Touch (which I distinctly told him not to buy me). I will admit, however, that I’m enjoying my new little gadget and it’s a nice replacement for my old I-Pod that has been “misplaced” for quite some time. I have been grooving out to salsa and rock music at my desk all day (God Bless offices with closed doors) I also like that I’m able to store video and photos on the little hand-held device; it will be handy for sharing things with friends and family.

At lunch hour a went for a nice stroll in the sunshine and ended up treating myself to a few new spring tops…why not, it’s my birthday after all.

After work I’ll be heading out to dinner with my family and in-laws and then it’s off to my place for a little cake with everyone. All in all, it’s a nice alternative to having several separate family birthday meals or events. Kudos and thanks to hubby for organizing everything.

A special thanks to my cousin M, who dropped some chocolate eggs off this morning. They were promptly devoured in about 5-seconds flat after you left my office!

Happy Tuesday everyone! I’m off to phone the woman who truly deserves the credit for pushing me into this world twenty-eight years ago, Maman!

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