22 March 2009

Can’t a girl just have some pancakes?!?

I’ve been craving pancakes lately, BIG TIME!  Typically I’ll eat them only a few times each year for a special breakfast or brunch.  Being that Spring is officially here, and we’re right in the swing of maple season, I can’t seem to stop salivating at the thought of syrupy-sweet pancakey goodness.  Yup…I’m drooling right now!

This weekend I decided to cave to the crave and went out in search of the ultimate pancake experience.
  I had my heart set on authenticity – an “all-you-can-eat” pancake breakfast at the local Sugar Bush.   Yesterday hubby and I set off into the glorious sunshine with our good friends M, L and baby C to indulge our hungry bellies and enjoy our own little seasonal slice of Canadiana.  Luckily, we have a Sugar Bush about 5 minutes from our place but it turns out it is well-known by everyone in the area; I think the entire population of Orleans had the same idea yesterday…darn!

Here’s the rundown:

Meet M, L and ever-amazingly cute baby C


Convoy to Sugar Bush


Arrive Sugar Bush, found parking (yay)


Wait in mystery lineup to find out where we can get pancakes


Discover we need to take horse-drawn carriage to pancake house…cough up $


Get on carriage


Arrive at pancake house with huge 2-hour lineup


Commence muttering and cursing

Decide to get taffy on snow instead…cough up $


Taffy ingested, decide to leave and get pancakes at local pub


Arrive at local pub for pancake breakfast.
SURPRISE, power down and no generator just as we step in the door.


More mumbling and cursing (stomach growling furiously)


Arrive at another local pub


Finally get table


Pancakes, finally!

In the end I ate:

2 ½ huge pancakes,
2 pieces of toast swimming in butter,
greasy sausages,
scrambled eggs,
home fries.

Not a great day for the bathroom scale, but I was bound and determined to get my giant feed after all that build-up!

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