26 February 2009

You got served!

Or rather I hope that’s what I’ll be yelling after tonight’s game…

Hubs and I have been on a two week hiatus from volleyball because life was more than just a wee bit hectic with Dad in the hospital last week and work taking up every last precious remaining moment of my time and sanity. Needless to say, I’m feeling a bit rusty today. I was hoping to get out for a walk during lunch and stretch my muscles but more work kept piling up on my desk. I’m stiff, cranky, tired and totally not in the game frame of mind right now. Too bad I’ve only got 90 minutes to change my spirits.

I despise when we’re scheduled for 6:00 pm games. By the time hubby and I get on the road, we’re caught in the middle of rush hour traffic. There’s always the fear that we won’t get to the match on time and risk forfeiting if not enough team players show up within the 15 minute grace period. Thank God, at least, the weather seems to be cooperating tonight.

Wish me luck folks. The BWE is still leading the league by a slim margin, so hopefully we’ll pull of three straight wins tonight…cause you know, redheads hate to lose and all…

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