24 February 2009

Welcome back Dad

I’m happy to report that my father’s operation went well, so well that he was released from the hospital two-day post surgery. Thankfully he is not in much pain but mobility is a bit of an issue seeing that he’s under strict orders not to use his reattached right quardicept muscle. That being said, poor Mom (who is still not 100% from her own surgery) has quite a lot on her hands these days. Hubby and I try to help out where we can, fetching things or running errands so that Mom doesn’t have to go out in the snow. It will be a long road to recovery, for all of us.

Nothing else exciting to report. Work has been extremely busy since returning from holidays and my volunteer work for the upcoming Ottawa Irish festival has been eating up my evenings and social life. I think I’ll soon hit my burn-out moment but I’m hoping I’ll have enough energy to survive the next two weeks. All that being said, health and family always come first. These are, after all, the two most important things in life.

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Jay said...

Hello. Hope you don't mind a visitor - I found your blog on Facebook.

I hope your dad is recovering well.