20 February 2009

Good Luck Dad

Yesterday my father finally got word that he would be operated on today. He has been waiting in the hospital since Monday night when he fell and ruptured all four right quadricept tendons.

Because Dad has a non-elective surgery, he has had to wait for an opening in the OR. I guess they finally took pity on him yesterday and actually booked him in with a surgeon this afternoon. The poor guy was so happy to eat a full meal last night. Because he was essentially waiting for an opening and had to ready to go to the OR at a moment’s notice, he has been fasting for the entire week (only allowed to eat a small sandwich at 10:00 PM each night because that is when the OR stops taking patients for the night). I brought him a coffee last evening after his meal and you’d think the poor guy had died and gone to heaven.

Thankfully the surgery is not too uncommon. The entire procedure should take no more than four hours. I should be getting to the hospital right in time to see dad all drugged-up and returned to his room from the recovery unit. While he hasn’t been in pain for the past few days, I’m sure he’ll be feeling it tonight. As I did for Mom, I purchased him a bulgy-eyed critter to help him through the rough days ahead.

Good luck Dad.

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