02 March 2009

A time to celebrate

While things haven’t exactly been going peachy for my own family these days, there is great cause for celebration in the lives of several of my friends. This weekend hubby and I had the pleasure of attending both a housewarming party and a baby shower – all in all that makes for a pretty happy weekend!

It’s always exciting to see old friends moving up in the world and becoming the adults that we so dreaded being ten years ago. I find it mind boggling how much people can change and mature since leaving high school. Perhaps even more satisfying is the fact that we all seem to have done exceptionally well for ourselves and have managed to stay friends despite distance, time or circumstance. We may not see each other on a regular basis, but we always seem to fall back into that comfortable routine when the group is together. I particularly enjoy seeing everybody’s little ones playing together – it still seems surreal to me!

The weekend ended off in fine style with a dinner party chez nous following the shower. Some close friends of ours recently moved into an apartment not far from our place while they’re waiting for their new home to be built. They brought along baby C, quite possibly one of the cutest little fellas around! He’s such a happy boy and I can’t help but laugh at all his reactions, noises and, of course, those infectious smiles and giggles. I mean…common…how can you not laugh when a baby has the giggles? I only hope our own kids will be half as good some day.

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