08 January 2009

Dónde está el fin de semana?

Have no fear; the rest of today’s post will be in English! I must admit, however, that I do sporadically find myself muttering phrases in Spanish these days in preparation for sunny days ahead in Central America. Only 24 more days until hubby and I sail away on our cruise and only 23 days until we leave the chilly climate for the Big Easy.

With my mind caught somewhere between the recent Christmas break and the upcoming vacation, I’ve had a difficult time getting back into the swing of things at work this week. To make matters worse, my lack of focus can also be attributed to the damn transit strike that is still going on in Ottawa. With snow storms and everyone back from vacation and heading to work, the roads and traffic are terrible. It’s not uncommon to spend 60-90 minutes going to and from work each day; tack that on top of an eight-hour work day, making dinner when I get home and trying to find the time to exercise - no wonder I feel I little off.

Nothing overly exciting to report other than I’ve returned to the daunting task of WW points track and a dedicated exercise routine. This Christmas seemed to be particularly gluttonous and I soon found myself packing on the ‘winter tire’. Normally I wouldn’t be too concerned but one look at my pre-cruise body in last year’s bikini had me cringing and saying, “Hello Mr. Elliptical. Let’s get reacquainted shall we?”

Other than neglecting myself from sweet sugary delight and spending more time on the dreaded scale than the sofa, I’ve done a little bit of splurging for vacation here and there. I suppose I don’t really need new clothes, but I did manage to find two cute dresses for under $40. What’s a girl to do when she sees not one but two cute outfits at a bargain basement price? They even fit perfectly. I think it’s a sign that God wanted me to have something new and pretty, at least that’s my angle and I’m sticking to it.

Not sure what lies in store for hubs and I this weekend; all I know is that it cannot come soon enough. Yesterdays “visions of sugarplums” has now been replaced by “visions of bed”.

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