11 January 2009

Three weeks and counting

Three weeks from today, hubby and I will be waking up in New Orleans, enjoying a famous beignet and making our way to the Port of NOLA to board our seven-day cruise. Current mood? Freakin’ excited!

This weekend was spent rushing around and picking up various travel goodies. After reading some reviews of the Cruise Critic forum, it suddenly dawned on me that my ship was designed for the Asian market before it was purchased by NCL; it’s not a huge issue but it does mean that the electrical outlets are of the European and Japanese variety rather than what we have here in North America. This also means that the voltage capacity is lower and not compatible with my hair dryer. I would use the one supplied on the ship, but typically they are crap and overheat quickly. For fear of not burning the ship down or cutting power to my hallway, I bit the bullet and bought myself an international hairdryer at a whopping $9.00 from Zellers.

Other recent cruise-related acquisitions include:
- Gingerroot pills: to help prevent sea sickness
- Dresses: for two dress-up nights ($ 40 in total)
- Shoes: A pair of dressy wedges so that I won’t slide around on deck
- Capri pants: Because I’m running low and don’t fit into my Mexico specials

Why is it that every time we go on a vacation, we inevitably end up spending a small fortune in preparation? Suddenly you’re aware that last year’s shorts are too snug, your sandals are falling apart, your medicine cupboard is getting low, etc. I suppose that part of the fear involves being stuck somewhere in a foreign country without your everyday needs. Packing all the right things becomes even more crucial when you’re on a cruise because there are certainly no Wal-Marts in the middle of the ocean, let alone in many of the little developing ports. Some items are available on the cruise ship, but the selection is poor and the prices are high. All that being said, I always make sure to get myself fully kitted-out before I leave.

Today’s misson? Finding myself a damn pair of shorts in off season! I combed the entire local shopping mall yesterday (patient hubby in tow) and could not find a single pair of khaki shorts. The only crap I found was made of nylon, spandex of sweatpants material – not exactly versatile or good in humid weather. I seems that I’m shopping too early in off season because most store haven’t even received their spring and summer stock. Looks like a trip to Wal-Mart will be inevitable; I rather gouge my eyes out that visit Wal-Mart on a weekend. No matter how I try to avoid it though, I always seem to find what I’m looking for and with a reasonable price tag to boot. Go ahead, curse me for supporting the big conglomerate, but that’s what I have to do if they are the only ones carrying what I need and not charging me an arm and leg to get it.

Wish me luck folks and sprinkle me with happy shopping dust. If I don’t post in over a week, send someone out to find me. I’ll undoubtedly be crouched down, hiding inside of a clothing rack and shaking. To the shops I go!

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