16 November 2006

Paving our way to happiness

Very exciting news to share today! At last, our street is getting its final layer of paving! Perhaps not so exciting for you, but Daniel and I are ecstatic.

Ever since we moved into the new house, we have had to battle with mud and guck on a daily basis. Walking down the street has always been a precarious task, due to huge mud-filled potholes and puddles. The street cleaner passes on a regular basis, but its efforts are always in vain…more water invariably leads to a bigger mess.

We had pretty much given up on all attempts at cleanliness. Washing the car was purely nonsensical, as it would always end up covered in dirt seconds later. Keeping shoes clean was also a pipe dream. Try as I might, I could not contend with the thick & sticky clay that would cling to everything. I admitted defeat and sacrificed a beloved pair of shoes as “mail fetchers.”

While there is still some ongoing construction around the house, I think that this final layer of paving will help cut down some of the mess. I look forward to the prospect of going for a jog without slipping and sliding, and finally being able to walk to the bus stop in style. Perhaps I am too vain for my own good, but I simply abhor wearing sneakers or rain boots with skirts and suits!

Hopefully the paving will be completed today. If the crew are still out when I get home this evening, I may even hug one of them!

Yup…the joys of homeownership at its finest. I need a life.

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