18 November 2006

Another foray into the wonderful world of cooking

Tonight I am hosting yet another dinner party and, dare I say, I’m looking forward to cooking!

Last week’s meal with the parents was a huge success. I made two gorgeous mesquite pork loins, steamed asparagus with grated Parmesan and roasted potatoes. All very easy, but tasty nonetheless.

Tonight I will be making a classic Chicken Tikka Masala, served on a bed of basmati rice and paired with nann bread and spring salad. For appetizers, I will attempt toasted coconut shrimp in curry sauce. I’m hoping that this won’t be curry overkill but it should be passable seeing as everything is fairly mild. I saw the recipe online and thought it would be fun to try.

Desert is an ongoing debate. I am considering doing fried / caramelized plantain with peanut butter ice cream. Not sure how this pairing will be with the curry, I still have to work that one out. Maybe just a simple sorbet would do the trick?

Keep your fingers crossed. Hopefully I won’t botch the entire meal. We are cooking for good friends of ours who have fed us countless times. Now that Dan and I finally have a home of our own, we really want to treat them to something special.

If all else fails, we DO have an obscene ton of wine! Yes, sadly alcohol is always a backup plan…

Other plans for the day:
Clean house….bleh!
Pick out blinds for master bedroom…FINALLY!

(Maybe I’ll get to sleep in past sunrise on weekends now?)

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mrbunsrocks said...

So how did it go? The menu sounds SO yummy!


It took us almost a year to buy blinds for our bedroom!