15 November 2006

Piñatas a plenty!

The gaming world has gone mad, and so has my hubby! Those who know Dan well will readily admit that he’s a bit of a geek. In no way do I think that this is a negative thing, but it is sometimes cause for confusion.

Daniel is a complex man. His tastes and preferences tend to lean towards the odd and eccentric…and I’m not referring to myself!

My hubby loves his computers games. Second to me and the guinea pig (hopefully), they are the loves of his life! Nintendo, Game Cube, PS, PS II, X-Box and so on….he has them all! While I do not understand his fascination with gaming, nor the burning desire to spend hard-earned money on such things, I am happy that he seems to find such immense joy from sitting in front of the TV, eyes strained and fingers flying at breakneck speed…can you tell I’m not a gamer?

Usually I embrace my husband’s geekiness; it is one of many quirky things that I love about him. This being said, I do question some of his game choices! Dan presents an interesting dichotomy; his games always seem to come in two different forms - uber violent…or cracked-out children’s games! The latter seems to be the current craze.

For the past two evenings I have sat in bemused silence, watching my husband play the strangest game that I have ever seen – Viva Piñata. How can one sum up such absurdity?!? Essentially, the premise of the game is quite simple: the player is responsible for planning and managing a garden for piñatas…yeah… The more attractive the garden, the more inhabitants and piñata animal species you will attract. Strange but remotely cute right? Here’s where things get interesting; you are also responsible for the mating and breeding of your piñata population. Each animal/ piñata has its own bizarre mating ritual – the rabbit piñatas purr, flap their tails, then proceed to do an Irish jig…riiiiight….can we say acid trip?

Essentially, the fate and destiny of your piñata colony lies directly in your hands. It is your own little piñata ecosystem to manage with care. Much like real life (ummm…minus the whole piñata garden thing), the species exist according to the old theory of survival of the fittest. On occasion, the weaker and smaller piñatas will be killed or attacked by bigger inhabitants. When a piñata dies, all that remains is a pile of candy which the other piñatas proceed to snack on….very disturbing!

My hubby is enthralled by this game and has already managed to build an impressive colony of piñatas. This being said, his rabbits (a.k.a. Bunnycombs) keep getting eaten by a visiting fox. Very, very sad…poor Bunnycombs! I have to admit, even I have started to concern myself with their plight!

So there you have it folks. Not even two months after the wedding and our marriage is already reduced to quite nights spent in, attending to a damn (yet strangely alluring) piñata garden. What is the world coming to?

Want to find out more about this messed-up game, visit their website

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