20 October 2006

Here comes the bride...AGAIN!

I loved getting married; it was awesome. In fact, Daniel and I had so much fun that we decided to get married “again” on Sunday! Come to think of it, I’m not 100% sure that we are married right now…

Yesterday afternoon, Daniel received an urgent call from our parish church. Apparently, we didn’t sign the actual marriage certificate…only the register. Being new at this whole wedding thing, neither Dan nor I knew any better; we just signed whatever was given to us.

I wasn’t quite sure how to react to this news – somewhere on the verge on tears and laughter. The lovely receptionist tried to quell our fears by telling us that we are still married in the eyes of the church. As far as I understand, we just aren’t legally Mr. & Mrs. Who cares about those legally-binding contracts right?

Apparently, this mistake is not uncommon. Sometimes the officient will forget to have all the paperwork signed…not the end of the world really. All we have to do is go to the church and sign the certificate. At first I was a little irritated by this, but now I can see the humour in it.

I get to marry Daniel twice…sort of. We had a big public ceremony, and now we have a private one. This is a blessing in disguise, as I’ve been looking for an excuse to put the wedding gown back on. Can you imagine if we actually showed up in our finery? The image is priceless!

Perhaps Daniel and I can celebrate two anniversaries per year? There is a lot of merit to this idea…double the flowers, gifts and jewelry. Come to think of it, that’s an excellent idea! It is officially decided: September 23rd and October 22nd are the dates!

I best get back to work now. After all, it looks like I have another wedding to plan!

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