25 October 2006

Happily married...and going places!

It’s official, Daniel and I are now “legally” married. We celebrated our second wedding this past Sunday. Technically, all we did was visit the Parish office to sign the certificate, but I’m still milking it for all its worth. It took all my willpower not to show up at church in my dress and veil. I thought it would be a good laugh, but Daniel assured me otherwise. I’m starting to think that I’m going through wedding withdrawal…I better sell the dress so that I’ll stop mooning over it anytime I pass by the spare closet.

With the wedding out of the way, Daniel and I have started to look towards the future and plan out our list of “things to do before we decide to have kids.” This isn’t a formal or written list per say - it was more of a wine-induced, philosophical discussion. These things tend to occur more, since returning from NOTL …wonder why?

Daniel and I both decided that we would like to take another vacation in the future. It was a simple idea with no concrete plans or stringent timelines. We would probably head south in the winter and stay at an all inclusive resort…fairly generic for many Canadians. Little did I know, only a week later, we would be booked on a 9-Day Southern Caribbean Cruise.

Spontaneous vacation plans seem to be a forte for Daniel and I. We toss different ideas around, then..WHAM…all of a sudden we are sitting in front of a travel agent booking something completely random. This is how we ended up going to Ireland two years ago. We were wandering through the mall and I noticed good deals on Irish vacations – one hour later we had an entire holiday booked.

Daniel and I had originally discussed cruising when we started planning for our honeymoon almost two years ago. We quickly decided against the idea, because the itineraries and prices did not work out. From that point onwards, we put the whole cruise notion out of our minds. Now, dear readers, fast forward to this past weekend…

Daniel and I were at my parents’ house for family dinner / birthday celebration for my brother’s girlfriend. As we were eating, my brother started talking about a cruise that they recently booked for March 2007. 9 days in the Southern Caribbean, huge boat, freestyle itinerary….sounds good to me! I jokingly threatened to book Dan and I on the same cruise, to which my brother surprisingly replied, “Why not? You should! It would be fun!” Hmm…why not indeed? After a quick review of our finances and swapping info with my bro, Daniel and I found ourselves booking a cruise.

In only 24 hours, I managed to book our cabins, separate flights, and a pre-cruise overnight stay in Miami (yet another snap decision). I honestly never thought we’d be taking a cruise, and I certainly never thought that that it would be with my brother and his girlfriend. I’m totally stoked now. This is going to be such an awesome vacation and it will be a nice chance for all of us to hang out and get to know one another in a different sense.

Only 156 days until we set sail…not that I’m counting yet…

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Foxy1081 said...

Ugh...I'm being reffered to as your brothers girlfriend. I think you should come up with a much better name for me. Like superstar Irish dance partner. Or maybe partner in crime. Although I think the Hubby has that name already taken....
Much to think about....155 days till cruise. 1 hour 15 minutes till my actual birthday!!