16 October 2006


Why must weekends fly by so quickly?!?

Surprisingly, my plans to relax worked out rather well. The bulk of my weekend was spent in pajamas, cheerfully loafing around the house. I did manage to get some house work done on Friday (still no laundry) but Saturday and Sunday were designated days of laziness.

One of my major accomplishments this weekend was assembling a wedding album with our professional photographs. While this isn’t a strenuous job, it does require a good deal of time and consideration. After sifting through 335 photos, I was finally able to select roughly 100 photos for printing.

Daniel and I decided to do something different rather than a conventional album. We didn’t want something that would sit in the basement collecting dust. Instead, we are having our photos professionally printed in a hardcover coffee table book. It’s more modern, takes up less space, and gives visitors something nice to look at.

Unfortunately, I cannot take credit for this idea. Once again, I was inspired by the wonderful and highly resourceful ladies of the Weddingbells online forum. For those you planning weddings, get onboard! Weddingbells.ca will put you in touch with an amazing network of women who are planning weddings, or have already been through the process. If it weren’t for this forum, I seriously doubt that my wedding would have as nice as it was. It’s an amazing pool of knowledge and ideas!

After reading some positive reviews, I decided to check out http://www.mypublisher.com/ This is an amazing site that allows you to download free album making software and order the final product online. I was truly impressed – simple to use, yet plenty of design options to satisfy personal taste. It didn’t take me long to come up with a funky 58-page wedding book…so much better than anything I could have scrapbooked. (I don’t have that kind of skill or patience). I’m very excited to receive the finished product. The great news – 50% all purchases over $100 until November! Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a different way to display photographs. I may do the same thing with the honeymoon shots…

Overall rating for this weekend, A+

We capped everything off yesterday, with a nice country drive and a visit to the Third World Bazaar in Manotick Station. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves eclectic international décor. I picked up a gorgeous mirror from Bali, along with some beautiful coral jewelry. If Dan hadn’t been with me, I probably would have come home with a box full of random stuff. I don’t think he’s keen on the mirror because it’s “different”; I adore it! I wanted to get an African mask, but that’s where he drew the line. (They scare him apparently?) I’m learning to pick my battles…

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