29 August 2006

Tied in Knots

I recently received a wonderful book at my bridal shower entitled, “Tied in Knots.” It is a satirical look at weddings and all the pomp, pageantry and fuss that goes along with planning…only to end in disaster.

Reading this book has really helped put things into perspective. It doesn’t matter how much effort you out into planning, little glitches will always arise. And here’s the real kicker….who cares?!? Reading about these wedding blunders, really makes me realize that even if things don’t go according to plan, it is my attitude that will make the day. So long as Dan and I both show up and say I do, that is all that really matters. People will laugh at the mishaps and remember the bride and groom who smiled through it all.

A few nights ago, I looked at my “To Do” checklist for the wedding and almost had an aneurism! However, upon closer inspection, it doesn’t seem all that daunting anymore. Yes, there are a lot of little craft projects remaining, but the bulk of the day is already planned. I am determined not to stress about the little things anymore. With less than 4 weeks until the wedding, I have to remind myself to step back, breath and enjoy the ride. After all, I’m only going to get to experience this once in my lifetime.

Things on the home front are starting to settle down nicely. Dan and I have started to decorate and the walls are looking a little friendlier. Right now, my main concern is trying to find room for everything we received at the shower! I have a feeling that a major basement overhaul is in store. I wasn’t planning on doing this until after the wedding, but we may have to see to it this weekend. I despise clutter, so I’m feeling a little overrun right now. It probably doesn’t help that Dan and I have an elliptical trainer lying in the middle of our t.v. den…half built.

Dan always tells me that I wouldn’t be happy unless I had something to stress over. I’m starting to think he’s right!

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