12 September 2006

Sniff, sniff...only 11 days to go...

Luck of the Irish my arse! The wedding is less than two weeks away and my stupid body has decided to crap out on me…big time!

This past weekend I went away to Montreal for a friend’s bachlorette party. Being with a bunch of party animals, I got next to no sleep whatsoever. - I think I totaled 6 hours over a two-day period. It also didn’t help that I got stuck in a torrential downpour on Friday while boarding the train. I spent a lovely 2 hour ride soaked down to my underwear and shivering in the air-conditioning. We had a blast, but I’m definitely paying for it now.

I’m fortunate in that I don’t get ill often, I’ve rarely had stomach flu, no chickenpox, no measles, no whooping cough, etc. However, I somehow seem highly susceptible to colds. The moment I begin to feel overtired… achoo!

Right now I’m sitting at work (on coffee break) and I feel as though my head is full of bricks. My eyelids are watery and droopy, my ears keep popping, my nose is beyond blocked and my glands are swollen. To sum it all up, I feel terrible!

I’m scared to death that this cold won’t clear up in time for the wedding. When I catch colds, they always seem to linger for longer than normal. Combined with my dreaded monthly visitor, I’m sure I’ll make one hell of a beautiful bride.

I’m very discouraged right now because I need to complete a million different little tasks for the wedding, yet I can barely muster enough energy to breath. Daniel is a big help to me, but I don’t expect him to finish all my little nitpicky craft projects…too hard to explain when you have a certain vision in your head.

I totally didn’t need this on top of everything else right now. I know I need to rest my body, but there is so much to do. My boss told me to go home, but things are really busy on the work front too. I want to accomplish as many things as I can before taking holidays for the wedding and honeymoon. It’s enough I have to take off this Friday to go pick up my wedding gown in Carleton Place.

So there you have it. Not a very optimistic post. I’m hoping my tune will change in a few days. In the meantime I’m pumping myself full of fluids, vitamins and decongestants. It plain old sucks! I can’t get excited about the wedding right now because I feel so crummy.

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