28 August 2006

The Final Sendoff

Less than one month away until I become a Mrs. I know that the day was quickly approaching, but I think it only truly hit home this weekend.

Saturday was a day that I shall treasure for the rest of my life. My friends threw me a beautiful bridal shower at my mother’s house and it was more than I could have ever hoped for. I was blown away by the work and thought that went into planning. Without exaggeration, it was the best shower I have ever attended…and not just because it was my own. I truly felt like a queen that day and it was wonderful to be surrounded by so many friends and loved ones. My favourite gift was two beautiful drawings that were made by my adorable little cousins. I am proudly displaying them on my fridge and Dan jokes that it’s a premonition of things to come – haha.

After the shower, the party shifted gears – BACHLORETTE party! A group of girlfriends and I met at a restaurant downtown and then hit the dance floor at a popular club nearby. My awesome bridesmaids took care of everything and I was content to be led around for the evening, dressed to the hilt in a veil, “Miss Bachlorette” sash, Mardi-Gras beads and a “Bride” button - just the right degree of tacky!

The party at the dance club was sooooooo much fun. There were three other brides there celebrating, as well as two bachelor parties. I won’t get into specifics but you can probably picture the scene...pure chaos...pure fun! I was a little more mild than the other brides (thankfully) but I still had my fair share of beverages and speaker dancing. It was fun to relax and act silly for a change. The girls managed to capture some “classy” moments. I have no doubt that there are some excellent blackmail photos floating around out there.

All in all, an A ++++++ weekend. I had an awesome time and it was the perfect sendoff into married life!

And now, for your enjoyment….the future bride (a.k.a. Brazen Hussy)

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