25 July 2006

Return of the mud....

This morning’s jaunt to the bus stop proved to be even more challenging than yesterday. My old nemesis, mud, made a repeat appearance.

Last night the house got pounded with yet another thunderstorm. Because our house backs out on a field / forest, we don’t have anything to buffer us from the elements. The fact that we still don’t have eavestrophing also doesn’t help.

Sleeping last night was next to impossible. It’s difficult to remain asleep while your windows are rattling, even more so when you don’t have blinds blocking out the flashes of lightening. I always wonder why I insist of sleeping closest to the window… perhaps this is a lesson….

Today I decided to better prepare myself for the trip to work. Donning an old pair of pants and a T-shirt, I was ready to take of the messy construction zone. Stupidly, I still insisted on wearing my nice sandals. Vanity always seems to reign, no matter how rational I try to be.

There were more puddles and potholes to avoid this morning, however I’m quickly learning where to step. No mystery mud holes for me today thankfully. My sandals still required a quick wash at work, however I managed to keep the majority of my toes guck free. I think I’ll have to invest in a more sensible closed-toe shoe. I can’t go through this ritual every time it rains….and it rains a lot!

I found that yesterday seemed exceedingly long. Work dragged on and all I could think about was going home and enjoying my new environment. It seems that Daniel and I have been running around since the day we moved; I feel as though neither of us have truly had the opportunity to enjoy the house yet. We still have an unopened bottle of Champagne in the fridge that my father gave us as a housewarming gift. I look forward to the day that we can finally sit down, relax and celebrate.. A day to vegetate would blissful.

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