31 July 2006

Love is in the air

This past weekend, wedding season officially started for Daniel and I. In addition to our own big day, we will be attending 5 other marriages this year. It seems as though the old adage, “If you can’t beat them, join them,” holds true for many of our friends. We like to do things at the same time; not that I’m complaining at all…wedding are fun!

On Saturday, Dan and I made the long drive to Waterloo to attend the wedding of an old high school friend. It was a nice weekend away and a much-needed break from all things “house”. The wedding was held at a pretty lake-side club. It was small, intimate and very comfortable…a very nice change from the typical huge conventional affair. I was especially fond of the “old-school” kids’ games that were placed out on the tables for guests to enjoy – Barrel of Monkeys, Hungry Hippos, Operation, Connect Four, etc. It was definitely a nice touch of fun and nostalgia for anyone who grew up in the 1980s.

My only complaint from this weekend would have to be our lodgings, or rather our neighbors in the next room (Thankfully nobody from the wedding we attended). Turns out we had some very loud and voracious lovers next door. It was pretty disturbing but we had a good laugh about it. Things were a little less funny, however, at 2:00 am when Dan and I woke up to crying and screaming. I still have to idea what was going on, but the woman certainly didn’t sound happy this time. I tried to catch snippets of their conversation, but she was sobbing too loudly. Definitely not the happy lovers we heard before we headed off to the wedding. I’m still perplexed….

So there you have it, the “Coles Notes” version of my fun but strange weekend. Daniel and I are gearing up for yet another wedding next weekend. Two of our best buddies are getting married and we’re very much looking forward to sharing in their special day. Dan is “Best Man” and I’ll be playing the role of “MC”. Slightly nervous as I’ve never done this before, but I’m sure I’ll ease into it once things get rolling. Typically I love speaking, but this makes me nervous for some odd reason. I guess I just want to ensure that I help things run as smoothly as possible. If not, the bride can seek revenge on my own wedding day, seeing as she is one of my bridesmaids

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